2011 Pennsylvania State Tournament

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The 2011 Pennsylvania State competition was held at Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA on Friday, April 29, 2011.


Division B Schedule
Division C Schedule

Table Notes

- Regional Winners are Bolded
Ties are broken by highest medal awarded, e.g. Garnet Valley Middle School won a silver medal, higher than any medal Fleetwood Area Middle School was awarded. Therefore, Garnet Valley is 12th place and Fleetwood is 13th place.
See the Pennsylvania page for other results.

B Division

School Number Region Place Points
Strath Haven Middle School B53 Southeast 1st 111
Shady Side Academy Middle School B43 Southwest 2nd 122
Bala Cynwyd Middle School B54 Southeast 3rd 214
Whitehall Coplay Middle School B63 Central East 4th 239
Welsh Valley Middle School B55 Southeast 5th 284
Mount Nittany Middle School B38 Northwest 6th 296
Stroudsburg Junior High School B70 Northeast 7th 321
Park Forest Middle School B37 Northwest 8th 335
Wyoming Area Middle School B68 Northeast 9th 336
J.T. Lambert Intermediate School B67 Northeast 10th 344
Franklin Regional Middle School B46 Southwest 11th 354
Garnet Valley Middle School B57 Southeast 12th 359
Fleetwood Area Middle School B62 Central East 13th 359
Haverford Middle School B56 Southeast 14th 370
Charles Huston Middle School B45 Southwest 15th 379
Springton Lake Middle School B61 Southeast 16th 417
Quaker Valley Middle School B44 Southwest 17th 436
Nazareth Area Middle School B65 Central East 18th 445
Chichester Middle School B58 Southeast 19th 455
Hershey Middle School B49 Central 20th 457
Spring Grove Area Middle School B48 Central 21st 458
Allen Middle School B52 Central 22nd 491
East Hills Middle School B64 Central East 23rd 491
Middletown Area Middle School B51 Central 24th 497
Norwin Middle School B47 Southwest 25th 504
Stetson Middle School B60 Southeast 26th 519
Exeter Township Junior High School B66 Central East 27th 521
Eastern York Middle School B50 Central 28th 526
E.T. Richardson Middle School B59 Southeast 29th 534
Abington Heights Middle School B71 Northeast 30th 540
North East Middle School B41 Northwest 31st 563
Dallas Middle School B69 Northeast 32nd 569
Wilmington Middle School B39 Northwest 33rd 575
Jersey Shore Area Middle School B72 Northeast 34th 647
Northwestern Middle School B42 Northwest 35th 648
Laurel Junior High School B40 Northwest 36th 654

C Division

School Number Region Place Points
Harriton High School C17 Southeast 1st 66
Penncrest High School C18 Southeast 2nd 130
Athens Area High School C31 Northeast 3rd 155
Bayard Rustin High School C19 Southeast 4th 208
Conestoga High School C22 Southeast 5th 236
Perkiomen Valley High School C26 Central East 6th 242
Strath Haven High School C21 Southeast 7th 296
Lower Merion High School C23 Southeast 8th 310
Haverford High School C20 Southeast 9th 317
Shady Side Academy High School C6 Southwest 10th 323
Exeter Township Senior High School C25 Central East 11th 346
State College Area High School C1 Northwest 12th 361
Central Bucks High School South C24 Southeast 13th 365
Fleetwood Area High School C27 Central East 14th 365
Whitehall High School C30 Central East 15th 383
Kutztown Senior High School C28 Central East 16th 385
Spring Grove Area High School C13 Central 17th 446
Hershey High School C12 Central 18th 461
Wyoming Area High School C32 Northeast 19th 462
Cumberland Valley High School C16 Central 20th 463
Stroudsburg High School C34 Northeast 21st 467
Taylor Allderdice High School C7 Southwest 22nd 468
Allentown Central Catholic High School C29 Central East 23rd 484
Lehighton Area High School C35 Northeast 24th 521
Bishop McDevitt High School C15 Central 25th 542
Uniontown Area High School C9 Southwest 26th 552
Mechanicsburg Area High School C14 Central 27th 554
Plum Senior High School C10 Southwest 28th 558
Franklin Regional High School C11 Southwest 29th 560
Greater Nanticoke Area High School C33 Northeast 30th 588
Wallenpaupack Area High School C36 Northeast 31st 594
Laurel Senior High School C3 Northwest 32nd 601
North East High School C2 Northwest 33rd 608
Peters Township High School C8 Southwest 34th 613
Seneca High School C4 Northwest 35th 615
Wilmington High School C5 Northwest 36th 687

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C Scores
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