2014 Virginia State Tournament

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2014 Virginia State Tournament
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General Information
James Madison High School is located in Virginia
James Madison High School
James Madison High School
Host James Madison High School
Total teams 26 (B); 21 (C)
Division B Champion Longfellow Middle School
Division C Champion Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Date March 22nd, 2014
Division B
1st Longfellow Middle School 93
2nd Kilmer Middle School 153
3rd Lake Braddock Middle School 166
Division C
1st Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology 68
2nd Langley High School 76
3rd James Madison High School 113
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The 2014 Virginia State tournament was held on March 22nd, 2014 for Division B and Division C at James Madison High School.

Tournament Results

Scoring was done in alignment with the national scoring guidelines. The top team in each division qualified for the 2014 National tournament.

Division B

Division B Results
Team Region Place Points
Longfellow Middle School Lake Braddock 1st 93
Kilmer Middle School Lake Braddock 2nd 153
Lake Braddock Middle School Lake Braddock 3rd 166
Luther Jackson Middle School Charlottesville 4th 187
Louise Archer Elementary School Charlottesville 5th 198
Rocky Run Middle School Madison 6th 199
Langston Hughes Middle School Lake Braddock 7th 226
Churchill Road Elementary School Madison 8th 259
Greenbriar West Elementary School Madison 9th 270
Farmwell Station Middle School Madison 10th 271
Sangster Elementary School Lake Braddock 11th 276
Haycock Elementary School Madison 12th 291
Forest Edge Elementary School Lake Braddock 13th 311
River Bend Middle School Madison 14th 318
Colvin Run Elementary School Charlottesville 15th 321
J. Michael Lunsford Middle School Charlottesville 16th 323
Robert Frost Middle School Lake Braddock 17th 323
Seneca Ridge Middle School Madison 18th 338
Belmont Ridge Middle School Madison 19th 361
Mark Twain Middle School Lake Braddock 20th 369
Glasgow Middle School Madison 21st 375
Cooper Middle School Charlottesville 22nd 384
South County Middle School Lake Braddock 23rd 395
Carl Sandburg Middle School Charlottesville 24th 398
Westminster School Charlottesville 25th 455
Bull Run Elementary School Charlottesville 26th 466
Regional champion

Division C

Division C Results
Team Region Place Points
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Madison 1st 68
Langley High School Madison 2nd 76
James Madison High School Charlottesville 3rd 113
Fairfax High School Lake Braddock 4th 126
Lake Braddock Secondary School Lake Braddock 5th 133
McLean High School Madison 6th 156
Robinson Secondary School Lake Braddock 7th 164
Oakton High School Charlottesville 8th 190
George C. Marshall High School Lake Braddock 9th 240
South Lakes High School Madison 10th 276
W.T. Woodson High School Lake Braddock 11th 282
Thomas A. Edison High School Madison 12th 282
Robert E. Lee High School Charlottesville 13th 289
Chantilly High School Lake Braddock 14th 302
Westfield High School Lake Braddock 15th 312
Charlottesville High School Charlottesville 16th 318
Albemarle High School Charlottesville 17th 325
J.E.B. Stuart High School Madison 18th 347
Wakefield High School Madison 19th 365
Episcopal High School Lake Braddock 20th 375
West Potomac High School Madison 21st 415
Regional champion

Full Scores

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