2016 Kansas State Tournament

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2016 Kansas State Tournament
General Information
Host Wichita State University
Total teams 59
Division B Champion California Trail Middle School
Division C Champion Olathe North High School
Date April 2, 2016
Division B
1st California Trail Middle School 101
2nd Leawood Middle School 152
3rd Harmony Middle School 190
Division C
1st Olathe North High School 108
2nd Tonganoxie High School 111
3rd Manhattan High School 118
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The 2016 Kansas State Tournament was held for both divisions on April 2nd, 2016 at Wichita State University.

Tournament Results

The top team in each division qualified for the 2016 National tournament.

Division B

Division B Results
Team Region Place Points
California Trail Middle School Northeast 1st 101
Leawood Middle School Northeast 2nd 152
Harmony Middle School Northeast 3rd 190
All Saints Catholic School Wichita 4th 195
Oregon Trail Middle School Northeast 5th 231
Charles Robinson Middle School Wichita 6th 252
Hiawatha Middle School Northeast 7th 260
Mill Creek Middle School Northeast 8th 261
St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School Northeast 9th 269
Susan B. Anthony Middle School Salina 10th 270
Wilbur Middle School Wichita 11th 289
Monticello Trails Middle School Northeast 12th 315
Holy Trinity Catholic School Northeast 13th 323
Indian Trail Middle School Northeast 14th 360
Lexington Trails Middle School Northeast 15th 364
Maize South Middle School Wichita 16th 382
Hill City Junior High School Hays 17th 384
Pioneer Trail Middle School Northeast 18th 405
Holy Spirit Catholic School Northeast 19th 408
McLouth Middle School Northeast 20th 412
Minneapolis Junior High School Hays 21st 413
Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School Salina 22nd 437
Valley Center Middle School Wichita 23rd 437
Thomas More Prep-Marian Junior High School Hays 24th 439
Andover Central Middle School Wichita 25th 440
Tonganoxie Middle School Northeast 26th 452
Bennington Junior High School Salina 27th 504
Salina South Middle School Salina 28th 506
Chisholm Middle School Salina 29th 621
Regional champion

Division C

Division C Results
Team Region Place Points
Olathe North High School Northeast 1st 108
Tonganoxie High School Northeast 2nd 111
Manhattan High School Salina 3rd 118
St. James Academy Northeast 4th 166
Maize South High School Wichita 5th 207
Mill Valley High School Northeast 6th 240
Blue Valley Northwest High School Northeast 7th 246
Goodland High School Hays 8th 273
Wichita East High School Wichita 9th 280
Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School Wichita 10th 313
Augusta High School Wichita 11th 316
Olathe South High School Northeast 12th 329
Eudora High School Northeast 13th 338
Olathe East High School Northeast 14th 342
Hill City High School Hays 15th 356
Maize High School Wichita 16th 362
Hays High School Hays 17th 365
Lawrence Free State High School Northeast 18th 372
Washburn Rural High School Northeast 19th 377
Lansing High School Northeast 20th 378
Andover Central High School Wichita 21st 407
Wichita County Junior-Senior High School Wichita 22nd 434
Olathe Northwest High School Northeast 23rd 445
Palco Junior-Senior High School Hays 24th 456
Bennington High School Salina 25th 548
NickersonHigh School Salina 26th 579
Sacred Heart Junior-Senior High School Salina 27th 595
McPherson High School Salina 28th 604
Salina Central High School Salina 29th 644
Salina South High School Salina 30th 713
Minneapolis High School Hays 31st No Entry
Regional champion

Full Scores

Division B
Division C

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