2017 Delaware State Tournament

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2017 Delaware State Tournament
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General Information
Delaware State University is located in Delaware
Delaware State University
Delaware State University

Coordinates: 39°11′10″N 75°32′40″W / 39.186137°N 75.544462°W / 39.186137; -75.544462

Host Delaware State University
Total teams 50 (B); 56 (C)
Division B Champion Henry B. du Pont Middle School
Division C Champion Charter School of Wilmington
Date March 25th, 2017 (B); March 4th, 2017 (C)
Division B
1st Henry B. du Pont Middle School 86
2nd Henry B. du Pont Middle School 204
3rd Saint Anne's Episcopal School 286
Division C
1st Charter School of Wilmington 45
2nd Charter School of Wilmington 144
3rd Cab Calloway School of the Arts 308
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The 2017 Delaware State tournament was held on March 4th, 2017 for Division C and March 25th, 2017 for Division B at Delaware State University.

Tournament Results

Scoring was done in alignment with the national scoring guidelines. The top team in each division qualified for the 2017 National tournament.

Division B

School Place Points
Henry B. du Pont Middle School 1st 86
Henry B. du Pont Middle School 2nd 204
Saint Anne's Episcopal School 3rd 286
Independence Middle School 4th 288
Newark Charter Junior High School 5th 314
Tall Oaks Classical School 6th 317
Cab Calloway School of the Arts 7th 332
Saint Mary Magdalene Middle School 8th 369
Alfred G. Waters Middle School 9th 391
Newark Charter Junior High School 10th 415
Saint Mary Magdalene Middle School 11th 418
MOT Charter Middle School 12th 438
All Saints Catholic School 13th 442
Conrad Schools of Science 14th 442
Cab Calloway School of the Arts 15th 462
Skyline Middle School 16th 468
Henry B. du Pont Middle School 17th 487
Meredith Middle School 18th 508
All Saints Catholic School 19th 538
MOT Charter Middle School 20th 540
Caravel Academy 21st 559
Christ the Teacher Catholic School 22nd 560
Brandywine Springs Middle School 23rd 587
Conrad Schools of Science 24th 601
Holy Angels School 25th 606
Wilmington Christian Middle School 26th 606
Saint Anne's Episcopal School 27th 635
Ursuline Academy Middle School 28th 638
Las Americas ASPIRA Academy 29th 656
Caravel Academy 30th 659
Shue-Medill Middle School 31st 661
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School 32nd 668
Delmar Middle School 33rd 676
Alfred G. Waters Middle School 34th 680
Shue-Medill Middle School 35th 696
Talley Middle School 36th 703
P.S. duPont Middle School 37th 706
Towle Institute Middle School 38th 708
Tri-State Homeschool 39th 709
Christ the Teacher Catholic School 40th 716
Springer Middle School 41st 723
P.S. duPont Middle School 42nd 747
Redding Middle School 43rd 748
Las Americas ASPIRA Academy 44th 771
Fred Fifer Middle School 45th 782
Red Lion Christian Academy 46th 785
Wilmington Christian Middle School 47th 787
Gauger-Cobbs Middle School 48th 841
George Read Middle School 49th 868
Islamic Academy 50th 890

Division C

Hydrogeology did not count toward final scores.

School Place Points
Charter School of Wilmington 1st 45
Charter School of Wilmington 2nd 144
Cab Calloway School of the Arts 3rd 308
Cab Calloway School of the Arts 4th 310
Delaware Military Academy 5th 338
Archmere Academy 6th 338
Tall Oaks Classical School 7th 356
Conrad Schools of Science 8th 397
MOT Charter Middle School 9th 418
Delaware Military Academy 10th 450
Sussex Technical High School 11th 471
Middletown High School 12th 484
Lake Forest High School 13th 486
Middletown High School 14th 504
Newark Charter High School 15th 519
William Penn High School 16th 525
Conrad Schools of Science 17th 527
Archmere Academy 18th 563
Concord High School 19th 563
Appoquinimink High School 20th 573
Tatnall School 21st 592
Newark High School 22nd 598
Appoquinimink High School 23rd 599
MOT Charter High School 24th 601
Salesianum School 25th 605
Wilmington Christian High School 26th 615
Tri-State Homeschool 27th 617
Dover High School 28th 624
Delcastle Technical High School 29th 630
Delcastle Technical High School 30th 642
Newark Charter High School 31st 651
Cape Henlopen High School 32nd 657
Sussex Academy 33rd 662
Saint Mark's High School 34th 673
Wilmington Friends High School 35th 681
Tower Hill School 36th 719
Newark High School 37th 721
Sanford School 38th 734
Alexis I. duPont High School 39th 735
Towle Institute High School 40th 755
Caravel Academy 41st 757
Caesar Rodney High School 42nd 761
Wilmington Christian High School 43rd 762
Delmar Senior High School 44th 797
William Penn High School 45th 799
Dover High School 46th 820
Caravel Academy 47th 822
Salesianum School 48th 826
Smyrna High School 49th 827
Padua Academy 50th 865
Saint Elizabeth High School 51st 881
Christiana High School 52nd 882
Sussex Technical High School 53rd 911
Red Lion Christian Academy 54th 927
Mount Pleasant High School 55th 1010
Woodbridge High School 56th 1043

Full Scores

Division B
Division C

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