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This is Davecutting's Action Sequence List from NY State 2018, with photos and detailed build info to explain what is described by the text.

The device scored 2nd place at the NYS competition with a total score of ~1340 on a target time of 71 seconds.

A central part of the design was a custom made printed circuit board. The board had a total of 12 microcontrollers, all AtTiny25's, each with their own voltage regulator. The board was divided up into "slices" - each "slice" was isolated from the other "slices" through the following procedures:

  • The soldermask layer was removed in between the sections on the top and bottom of the board.
  • The only traces going between the sections were:
    • The 12V trace on the top
    • The ground trace on the bottom

Step Action Picture Description
1 Magnet is pulled off the device. Reed switch opens, sending 5V signal to next action. IMAGE A small neodymium magnet had a ziptie glued to it, and a 3D printed holder was made on the board to accept the magnet. Then the magnet was removed, the reed switch opened and a 5V signal was sent to the next action.
2 Solenoid (and its cooling fan) turns off, flipping coin over. Coin falls on inductive probe. A microcontroller detects change and sends 5V signal to next action. IMAGE We coded the coin flip action with proper debouncing to avoid accidental trigger. The spring in the solenoid we used flipped the coin over when the solenoid was released.

This is currently a work in progress, more to come in the coming weeks.

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