2018 Idaho State Tournament

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2018 Idaho State Tournament
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General Information
Boise State University is located in Idaho
Boise State University
Boise State University
Host Boise State University
Total teams 31 (B); 13 (C)
Division B Champion Treasure Valley Homeschool
Division C Champion Treasure Valley Homeschool
Date April 7th, 2018
Division B
1st Treasure Valley Homeschool 114
2nd St. Joseph's Catholic School 126
3rd St. Joseph's Catholic School 143
Division C
1st Treasure Valley Homeschool 36
2nd Twin Falls High School 83
3rd Bishop Kelly High School 95
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The 2018 Idaho State tournament was held on April 7th, 2018 for Division B and Division C at Boise State University.

Tournament Results

Scoring was done in alignment with the national scoring guidelines. The top team in each division qualified for the 2018 National tournament.

Division B

School Place Points
Treasure Valley Homeschool 1st 114
St. Joseph's Catholic School 2nd 126
St. Joseph's Catholic School 3rd 143
St. Joseph's Catholic School 4th 184
Sacred Heart Catholic School 5th 194
Fairmont Junior High School 6th 202
Sacred Heart Catholic School 7th 257
Anser Public Charter School 8th 261
St. Mark's Catholic School 9th 265
St. Joseph's Catholic School 10th 265
North Junior High School 11th 275
St. Paul's Catholic School 12th 341
North Junior High School 13th 346
Sacred Heart Catholic School 14th 349
St. Paul's Catholic School 15th 351
St. Joseph's Catholic School 16th 363
St. Joseph's Catholic School 17th 462
Idaho Arts Charter School 18th 496
St. Mark's Catholic School 19th 509
Vallivue Middle School 20th 509
St. Paul's Catholic School 21st 528
Idaho Arts Charter School 22nd 545
St. Mary's Catholic School 23rd 547
Sacred Heart Catholic School 24th 582
Fairmont Junior High School 25th 607
Holy Spirit Catholic School 26th 709
St. Mark's Catholic School 27th 736
St. Mark's Catholic School 27th 736
Hawthorne Middle School 27th 736
Alameda Middle School 27th 736
St. Mary's Catholic School 27th 736

Division C

School Place Points
Treasure Valley Homeschool 1st 36
Twin Falls High School 2nd 83
Bishop Kelly High School 3rd 95
Rigby High School 4th 98
Weiser High School 5th 108
Capital High School 6th 116
Weiser High School 7th 269
Idaho Arts Charter School 8th 290
Treasure Valley Homeschool 9th 297
Columbia High School 10th 303
Mountain View High School 11th 311
Idaho Arts Charter School 12th 313
Bishop Kelly High School 13th 322

Full Scores

Division B
Division C

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