2018 Mississippi State Tournament

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2018 Mississippi State Tournament
General Information
University of Southern Mississippi is located in Mississippi
University of Southern Mississippi
University of Southern Mississippi
Host University of Southern Mississippi
Total teams 15 (B); 17 (C)
Division B Champion Germantown Middle School
Division C Champion Cathedral High School
Date April 6th, 2018
Division B
1st Germantown Middle School 103
2nd Parklane Academy 170
3rd d'Iberville Middle School 173
Division C
1st Cathedral High School 98
2nd Oxford High School 106
3rd St. Patrick Catholic High School 145
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The 2018 Mississippi State tournament was held on April 6th, 2018 for Division B and Division C at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Tournament Results

Scoring was done in alignment with the national scoring guidelines. The top team in each division qualified for the 2018 National tournament.

Division B

Division B Results
Team Region Place Points
Germantown Middle School Southwest 1st 103
Parklane Academy Southwest 2nd 170
d'Iberville Middle School Gulf South 3rd 173
North Woolmarket Middle School Gulf South 4th 177
Brandon Middle School Southwest 5th 178
Armstrong Middle School North 6th 184
Armstrong Middle School North 7th 193
St. Patrick Catholic High School Gulf South 8th 195
Cathedral Middle School Southwest 9th 211
Bailey APAC Middle School Southwest 10th 213
Olde Towne Middle School North 11th 245
Petal Middle School Gulf South 12th 270
Pearl River Central Middle School Gulf South 13th 280
Purvis Middle School Gulf South 14th 295
West Marion Junior High School Gulf South 15th 297
Regional champion

Division C

Division C Results
Team Region Place Points
Cathedral High School Southwest 1st 98
Oxford High School North 2nd 106
St. Patrick Catholic High School Gulf South 3rd 145
Parklane Academy Southwest 4th 165
Germantown High School Gulf South 5th 172
d'Iberville High School Gulf South 6th 185
Madison Central High School North 7th 200
Clinton High School Southwest 8th 209
Northwest Rankin High School Southwest 9th 223
Madison Ridgeland Academy Southwest 10th 246
West Marion High School Gulf South 11th 250
Pearl River Central High School Gulf South 12th 259
Forrest County Agricultural High School Gulf South 13th 316
Seminary High School Gulf South 14th 318
Sumner Hill Junior High School Southwest 15th 353
Sebastopol Attendance Center North 16th 378
Wilkinson County Christian Academy Southwest 17th 444
Regional champion

Full Scores

Division B
Division C

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