2019 Indiana State Tournament

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The 2019 Indiana State Tournament was held at Indiana University Bloomington. Here is a link to all archived state tournament results.


Division B

Division B Results
Team Place Points
Thomas Jefferson Middle School 1st 50
Raymond Park Middle School 2nd 66
Tri-North Middle School 3rd 136
Wilbur Wright Middle School 4th 149
Benjamin Franklin Middle School 5th 218
The Stanley Clark School 6th 268
Chesterton Middle school 7th 270
Jackson Creek Middle School 8th 291
St. Patrick Catholic School 9th 316
Manchester Junior High School 10th 317
LaSalle Academy 11th 320
West Lafayette Junior High School 12th 324
Northridge Middle School 13th 378
Col. John Wheeler Middle School 14th 385
Eastwood Middle School 15th 408
Taft Middle School 16th 416
Kahler Middle School 17th 421
Forest Ridge Academy 18th 422
Brown County Junior High School 19th 425
St. Thomas More School 20th 429
Grimmer Middle School 21st 435
Hebron Middle School 22nd 444
St. Mary Catholic Community School 23rd 463
Boston Middle School 24th 498
Madison Junior High School 25th 505
Lowell Middle School 26th 529
Hauser Junior High School 27th 538
Westville Middle School 28th 540
Discovery Charter School 29th 551
Carlisle Middle School 30th 563
Winamac Middle School 31st 563
North Newton Junior High School 32nd 580
Batchelor Middle School 33rd 600
Pope John Paul II Middle School 34th 613
Scottsburg Middle School 35th 623
North Harrison Middle School 36th 636

Division C

Division C Results
Team Place Points
Carmel High School 1st 108
Munster High School 2nd 110
Bloomington High School South 3rd 127
Lake Central High School 4th 155
Bloomington High School North 5th 167
John Adams High School 6th 188
Whiting High School 7th 218
Northridge High School 8th 260
Valparaiso High School 9th 270
New Albany High School 10th 344
La Lumiere School 11th 369
West Lafayette High School 12th 376
East Noble High School 13th 386
Fishers High School 14th 410
Westville High School 15th 417
Manchester Senior High School 16th 424
Terre Haute South High School 17th 448
Benton Central High School 18th 449
Chesterton High School 19th 457
Castle High School 20th 498
Columbus North High School 21st 502
North Central High School 22nd 507
Floyd Central High School 23rd 529
Hammond Academy of Science and Technology 24th 532
McCutcheon High School 25th 547
Avon High School 26th 553
Crown Point High School 27th 567
Peru High School 28th 570
Highland High School 29th 578
Salem High School 30th 587
Riley High School 31st 596
Mt. Vernon High School 32nd 602
Brownstown Central High School 33rd 608
Marian High School 34th 618
LaPorte High School 35th 625
Warren Central High School 36th 635

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