2020 Iowa State Tournament

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The 2020 Iowa State tournament was held on March 7th, 2020 for Division B and Division C at University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls.

Tournament Results

Scoring was done in alignment with the national scoring guidelines.

Division B

Division B Results
Team Place Points
Ames Middle School 1st 52
Mount Vernon Middle School 2nd 86
Holmes Junior High School 3rd 109
Johnston Middle School 4th 138
Peet Junior High School 5th 151
Gilbert Middle School 6th 172
Bettendorf Middle School 7th 179
Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Community School 8th 202
Holmes Junior High School 9th 209
Bettendorf Middle School 10th 259
Clear Creek Amana Middle School 11th 267
Clear Creek Amana Middle School 12th 292
Janesville Junior-Senior High School 13th 306
Clear Creek Amana Middle School 14th 329
Woodside Middle School 15th 346
North Tama High School 16th 358
West Johnston High School 17th 393

Division C

Division C Results
Team Place Points
Ames High School 1st 60
Mount Vernon Community High School 2nd 96
Linn-Mar High School 3rd 117
Iowa City West High School 4th 143
Johnston High School 5th 170
Burlington Community High School 6th 196
Cedar Falls High School 7th 199
Linn-Mar High School 8th 202
Johnston High School 9th 229
Iowa City West High School 10th 267
Clear Creek Amana High School 11th 275
Liberty High School 12th 295
Gilbert High School 13th 307
Johnston High School 14th 317
Waukee High School 15th 318
Bettendorf High School 16th 360
Iowa City West High School 17th 390
South Tama County High School 18th 414
North Tama High School 19th 445
Bettendorf High School 20th 446
Mid-Prairie High School 21st 484

Full Scores

Division B
Division C

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