2020 Montana State Tournament

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2020 Montana State Tournament
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General Information
Montana State University is located in Montana
Montana State University
Montana State University
Host Montana State University
Total teams 121
Division B Champion Corvallis Middle School
Division C Champion Hamilton High School
Date November 26th, 2019
Division B
1st Corvallis Middle School 77
2nd Lewistown Junior High School 139
3rd C.R. Anderson Middle School 141
Division C
1st Hamilton High School 85
2nd Helena High School 109
3rd Capital High School 123
Website http://www.montana.edu/ehhd/smrc/mtso/index.html
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The 2020 Montana State Tournament was held on November 26th, 2019 at Montana State University for Division B and Division C.

Tournament Results

Scoring was done in alignment with the national scoring guidelines. The top team in each division qualified for the 2020 National Tournament. However, the 2020 National Tournament was cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak.

Division B

Division B Results
Team Place Points
Corvallis Middle School 1st 77
Lewistown Junior High School 2nd 139
C.R. Anderson Middle School 3rd 141
North Middle School 4th 181
Absarokee Middle School 5th 189
Hamilton Middle School 6th 209
Target Range School 7th 214
Huntley Project School 8th 216
Clancy Middle School 9th 216
Reed Point-Rapelje Middle School 10th 228
Simms Middle School 11th 254
Chief Joseph Middle School 12th 267
Belt Middle School 13th 283
Heritage Christian School 14th 285
Gallatin Gateway Middle School 15th 285
Sunburst Junior High School 16th 302
Washington Middle School 17th 312
Roosevelt Middle School 18th 315
St. Joseph School 19th 316
Shepherd Middle School 20th 317
Helena Middle School 21st 324
Montana City School 22nd 343
Helena Area Christian Home Educators 23rd 343
Big Sandy Junior High School 24th 348
Culbertson Middle School 25th 366
Belgrade Middle School 26th 367
Sleeping Giant Middle School 27th 380
Lone Rock School 28th 427
Joliet Middle School 29th 428
Ennis Middle School 30th 432
Sacajawea Middle School 31st 437
Thompson Falls Junior High School 32nd 447
Libby Middle School 33rd 460
Chinook Middle School 34th 473
Manhattan Middle School 35th 483
Conrad Junior High School 36th 524
Park City Middle School 37th 536
Cut Bank Middle School 38th 538
Harlowton Junior High School 39th 542
Centerville Middle School 40th 563
Fromberg Public School 41st 566
Florence-Carlton Middle School 42nd 579
Saco Middle School 43rd 590
Hardin Middle School 44th 597
Belfry School 45th 638
Fairfield Middle School 46th 640
Noxon Public School 47th 640
Three Forks Middle School 48th 642
Custer Middle School 49th 644
Reed Point Junior High School 50th 668
Laurel Middle School 51st 728

Division C

Division C Results
Team Place Points
Hamilton High School 1st 85
Helena High School 2nd 109
Capital High School 3rd 123
Fergus High School 4th 129
Park High School 5th 130
Corvallis High School 6th 132
Sidney High School 7th 154
North Toole County High School 8th 180
Culbertson High School 9th 201
Billings Central Catholic High School 10th 215
Billings Skyview High School 11th 239
Belgrade High School 12th 251
Belt High School 13th 254
Great Falls High School 14th 268
Absarokee High School 15th 292
Reed Point-Rapelje High School 16th 298
Bozeman High School 17th 306
Roundup High School 18th 359
Dawson County High School 19th 359
Simms High School 20th 371
Libby High School 21st 371
Big Sandy High School 22nd 384
Florence-Carlton High School 23rd 393
Harlowton High School 24th 408
Chinook High School 25th 408
Jefferson High School 26th 421
Joliet High School 27th 428
Heritage Christian School 28th 448
Froid High School 29th 449
Fairfield High School 30th 450
Manhattan High School 31st 483
Thompson Falls High School 32nd 499
Conrad High School 33rd 511
Cut Bank High School 34th 522
Three Forks High School 35th 528
Reed Point High School 36th 532
Box Elder High School 37th 540
Victor High School 38th 558
Park City High School 39th 564
Lockwood High School 40th 564
Carter County High School 41st 580
White Sulphur Springs High School 42nd 602
Noxon Public School 43rd 605
Centerville High School 44th 612
Saco High School 45th 621
Fromberg Public School 46th 622
Colstrip High School 47th 650

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Division C

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