2021 Georgia State Tournament

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2021 Georgia State Tournament
General Information
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Host Scilympiad
Total teams 23 B; 61 C
Division B Champion Fulton Science Academy
Division C Champion Chattahoochee High School
Date March 13, 2021 (B/C)
Division B
1st Fulton Science Academy 37
2nd Dodgen Middle School 47
3rd Oconee County Middle School 167
Division C
1st Chattahoochee High School 49
2nd Brookwood High School 69
3rd Walton High School 144
Website scilympiad.com/ga
2020 2021 2022

The 2021 Georgia State Tournament was held on March 13th, 2021 using the MiniSO model. Several event modifications have been made with Codebusters and Botany being run as Division B and Division C trial events respectively.

Due to the lowered team registration as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, no regional tournaments were held in 2021, and all teams progressed directly to the state tournament.

Tournament Results

The top two teams in each division will qualify for the 2021 National Tournament. "A, B, and C" teams were allowed to compete in both divisions but awards were only given out per school. Division C ran two tracks with "A" teams in one and "B and C" teams in another. Medals were awarded for both tracks.

Division B

Division B Results
Team Place Points
Fulton Science Academy 1 1st 37
Dodgen Middle School 1 2nd 47
Dodgen Middle School 2 3rd 128
Fulton Science Academy 2 4th 134
Oconee County Middle School 5th 167
Autrey Mill Middle School 1 6th 197
River Trail Middle School 1 7th 197
River Trail Middle School 2 8th 250
Hightower Trail Middle School 9th 250
St. John the Evangelist School A 10th 276
Lumpkin County Middle School 11th 277
Malcom Bridge Middle School 12th 290
Fulton Science Academy 3 13th 295
Autrey Mill Middle School 2 14th 323
Whitewater Middle School 15th 328
McClure Middle School 16th 335
Richards Middle School 17th 338
Central Middle School 18th 364
Richmond Hill Middle School 19th 372
Atlanta International School 20th 390
Eagles Home Educators 21st 405
St. John the Evangelist School B 22nd 405
Northwestern Middle School 23rd 428

Division C Track 1

Division C Track 1 Results
Team Place Points
Chattahoochee High School 1 1st 49
Brookwood High School A 2nd 69
Walton High School A 3rd 144
South Forsyth High School 1 4th 167
Northview High School 1 5th 170
Milton High School A 6th 181
Lambert High School A 7th 239
The Westminster Schools 1 8th 252
Lakeside High School (Evans) 1 9th 289
Wheeler High School A 10th 308
Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology 1 11th 351
Forsyth Central High School Black 12th 354
Johns Creek High School A 13th 359
Fulton Science Academy 1 14th 365
North Oconee High School 1 15th 368
Alliance Academy for Innovation 16th 374
West Forsyth High School 17th 379
River Ridge High School 18th 389
Whitewater High School 19th 391
Paideia School 20th 395
Duluth High School 21st 398
Valwood School 22nd 412
Ola High School 23rd 441
Woodward Academy 24th 454
Northgate High School 1 25th 482
Glynn Academy High School 1 26th 484
East Coweta High School 1 27th 515
White County High School 28th 521
Pope High School 29th 554
Mill Creek High School 30th 554
North Forsyth High School 31st 566
Atlanta International School 32nd 587
Denmark High School 33rd 592
Thomasville Scholars Academy 1 34th 599
Sandy Creek High School 35th 639
Stratford Academy 1 36th 648
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic A 37th 669
Dalton High School 38th 734
Oconee County High School 39th 736

Division C Track 2

Division C Track 2 Results
Team Place Points
Chattahoochee High School B 1st 44
Walton High School B 2nd 132
Milton High School B 3rd 135
Northview High School 2 4th 158
Walton High School C 5th 159
South Forsyth High School 2 6th 165
Lakeside High School (Evans) 2 7th 171
North Oconee High School 2 8th 191
Lambert High School B 9th 192
Brookwood High School B 10th 200
South Forsyth High School 3 11th 225
Lambert High School C 12th 237
Brookwood High School C 13th 240
Glynn Academy High School 2 14th 247
Chattahoochee High School C 15th 270
Forsyth Central High School White 16th 318
Forsyth Central High School Red 17th 321
Thomasville Scholars Academy Scholars 18th 364
Fulton Science Academy 2 19th 380
Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology 2 20th 419
East Coweta High School Purple 21st 431
Woodward Academy Black 22nd 449

Full Scores

Division B
Division C Track 1
Division C Track 2

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