2021 Kansas State Tournament

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2021 Kansas State Tournament
General Information
Host Wichita State University
Total teams 59
Division B Champion Pleasant Ridge Middle School
Division C Champion Blue Valley West High School
Date March 27-April 2, 2021
Division B
1st Pleasant Ridge Middle School 94
2nd Susan B. Anthony Middle School 158
3rd St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School 163
Division C
1st Blue Valley West High School 49
2nd Blue Valley North High School 102
3rd Eudora High School 151
2020 2021 2022

The 2021 Kansas State Tournament was held for both divisions from March 27th through April 2nd via Google Classroom in the Satellite SO format.

Tournament Results

The top team in each division qualified for the 2021 National tournament.

Division B

Division B Results
Team Region Place Points
Pleasant Ridge Middle School Northeast 1st 94
Susan B. Anthony Middle School Salina 2nd 158
St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School Northeast 3rd 163
Prairie Trail Middle School Northeast 4th 181
Charles Robinson Middle School Wichita 5th 187
Eudora Middle School Northeast 6th 202
Lakewood Middle School Northeast 7th 205
Holton Middle School Salina 8th 219
Wilbur Middle School Wichita 9th 254
Andover Central Middle School Wichita 10th 262
Hiawatha Middle School Northeast 11th 269
Andover Middle School Wichita 12th 270
St. Peter Catholic School Wichita 13th 300
Palco Junior High School Northeast 14th 302
Maize South Middle School Wichita 15th 312
Minneapolis Junior-Senior High School Salina 16th 314
Tonganoxie Middle School Northeast 17th 323
Horace J. Good Middle School Hays 18th 328
Sts. Peter and Paul School Salina 19th 331
Indian Trail Middle School Northeast 20th 355
Basehor‐Linwood Middle School Northeast 21st 363
Summit Trail Middle School Northeast 22nd 407
Smoky Valley Middle School Salina 23rd 433
Thomas More Prep‐Marian Junior High School Hays 24th 440
Altoona‐Midway Middle School Wichita 25th 441
Ell‐Saline Middle School Salina 26th 468
Regional champion

Division C

Division C Results
Team Region Place Points
Blue Valley West High School Northeast 1st 49
Blue Valley North High School Northeast 2nd 102
Eudora High School Northeast 3rd 151
De Soto High School Northeast 4th 213
Manhattan High School Salina 5th 214
Wichita East High School Wichita 6th 220
St. James Academy Northeast 7th 246
Tonganoxie High School Northeast 8th 260
Mill Valley High School Northeast 9th 263
Olathe Northwest High School Northeast 10th 263
Andover High School Wichita 11th 273
McPherson High School Salina 12th 307
Andover Central High School Wichita 13th 320
Olathe West High School Northeast 14th 323
Goodland High School Hays 15th 330
Trinity Academy High School Wichita 16th 330
Lawrence Free State High School Northeast 17th 355
Augusta High School Wichita 18th 372
Hays High School Hays 19th 383
Palco Junior-Senior High School Hays 20th 385
Basehor‐Linwood High School Northeast 21st 487
Maize South High School Wichita 22nd 404
Thomas More Prep-Marian High School Hays 23rd 406
Sacred Heart Junior-Senior High School Salina 24th 419
Minneapolis High School Salina 25th 430
Central Burden Junior-Senior High School Wichita 26th 459
Ottawa Senior High School Northeast 27th 479
Colby High School Salina 28th 480
Pratt Senior High School Wichita 29th 483
Smoky Valley High School Salina 30th 485
Russel High School Hays 31st 497
Leavenworth Senior High School Northeast 32nd 502
Ell-Saline High School Hays 33rd 506
Regional champion

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