2021 New Mexico State Tournament

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2021 New Mexico State Tournament
General Information
New Mexico Tech is located in New Mexico
New Mexico Tech
New Mexico Tech

Coordinates: 34°03′58″N 106°54′20″W / 34.0660°N 106.9056°W / 34.0660; -106.9056

Host New Mexico Tech
Total teams 34
Division B Champion Albuquerque Academy
Division C Champion La Cueva High School
Date TBD
Division B
1st Albuquerque Academy 44
2nd Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School 84
3rd Houston Middle School 101
Division C
1st La Cueva High School 52
2nd Albuquerque Academy 78
3rd Socorro High School 86
2020 2021 2022

The 2021 New Mexico State Tournament was held at New Mexico Tech on March 20, 2021 using the Mini SO format.


Division B

Division B Results
Team Place Points
Albuquerque Academy 1st 44
Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School 2nd 84
Houston Middle School 3rd 101
Lovington Sixth Grade Academy 4th 119
Wilson Middle School 5th 121
Hermosa Middle School 6th 137
Taylor Middle School 7th 138
Sarracino Middle School 8th 140
Cloudcroft Middle School 6th Grade 9th 142
Cloudcroft Middle School 10th 162
La Plata Middle School 11th 171
Heights Middle School 12th 226
Highland Middle School 13th 236
Kirtland Middle School 14th 245
Heizer Middle School 15th 296
Mesa View Middle School 16th 306

Division C

Division C Results
Team Place Points
La Cueva High School 1st 52
Albuquerque Academy 2nd 78
Socorro High School 3rd 86
Centennial High School (Team 1) 4th 96
Las Cruces High School 5th 111
Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School 6th 113
Silver High School (Team A) 7th 142
Cloudcroft High School 8th 161
Lovington High School 9th 166
Centennial High School (Team 2) 10th 177
V Sue Cleveland High School 11th 181
Onate High School 12th 274
San Juan College High School 13th 317
Hobbs High School 14th 335
Piedra Vista High School 15th 342
Hatch Valley High School 16th 343
Hobbs Freshman School 17th 346
Silver High School (Team B) 18th 361

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