Armstrong Middle School (Mississippi)

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Armstrong Middle School (Mississippi) At a Glance
Member of SO since 2015
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2016-2019
Best finish, state 2nd, 2019
Best finish, nationals N/A

Armstrong Middle School is a middle school from Starkville, Mississippi. Located in Mississippi's North Region, this school started in August of 2014.

Team Results

Past Results
Year Regionals Points States Points
2015 4th/5th/7th 58/61/77 7th/8th/11th 226/2411/257
2016 1st/3rd/4th/5th 39/44/51/51 8th/10th/12th/13th 199/210/214/225
2017 1st/2nd 31/38 3rd/7th 164/2022
2018 1st/2nd 23/34 6th/7th 184/193
2019 1st/3rd 28/37 2nd 100
1: Armstrong Middle School won a tiebreaker against West Marion Junior High School (3 first places to 1).
2: Armstrong Middle School lost a tiebreaker against Lafayette Middle School (1 third place to 2)