Auburn Junior High School

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Auburn Junior High School
Member of SO since 1997
Feeds to Auburn High School
Results History
Best regional 1st
Best state 1st (2002-2011, 2013-2019)
Best nationals 10th (2014)

Auburn Junior High School is a Division B team which has won the Alabama Science Olympiad 14 years in a row, and consistently places well at Nationals.


Year State Nationals
2002 1st 19th
2003 1st 16th
2004 1st 24th
2005 1st 18th
2006 1st 23rd
2007 1st 24th
2008 1st 19th
2009 1st 22nd
2010 1st 18th
2011 1st 31st
2012 2nd 34th
2013 1st 21st
2014 1st 10th
2015 1st 18th
2016 1st 20th
2017 1st 32nd
2018 1st 28th
2019 1st 36th

School Info

The school is entirely comprised of 8th and 9th graders, creating a team structure in which there are almost always 10 eighth and 5 ninth graders, except for those very rare years when they have 4 ninth graders.

Team Info

The team shares its resources with Drake Middle School, a school of 7th graders. Coaches are usually students from Auburn High School. Usually, there is no differentiation between the two teams except at competition; they are referred to collectively as "AMSSO", or "Auburn Middle School Science Organization". It is quite often the case when they have enough medals to exceed the number of events (e.g. "We got 32 medals!") that people become confused. From their webpage: "Our organization provides real-world competition and leadership opportunities. This model coordinates J. F. Drake Middle School, Auburn Junior High School and Auburn High School in a learning community." Therefore, the Science Olympiad team coordinates all these schools, only splitting into separate schools for competition.

Current and Former Members