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Hey, I'm Azismith.

Random Factoids

-I've been doing science olympiad since sixth grade.

-My teammates are really, really nice. Just sayin'.

-I've got over 50 regionals/states/nationals medals; not sure of the exact count.

Middle school nats medals

1. 2nd place Awesome Aquifers

2. 4th place Shock Value

3. 5th place Sound of Music

4. 6th place Crime Busters

High School nats medals

1. 6th place Protein Modeling

2. 1st place Hydrogeology

This year's events and medals

Event: Regionals/State

Disease Detectives: 1/1

Hydrogeology: 1/N/A (thrown out at states)

Forensics: 1/1

Green Generation: 2/7

Protein Modeling: 1/1

Bridge Building: 1/1

WIDI: --/13 [I'm on this event only for states.]