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Many events allow calculators of various types. The decisions of the Event Supervisor(s) are final.

Class I Calculator

Calculator Classes

Class I - Stand-alone non-graphing, non-programmable, non-scientific 4-function or 5-function calculators

These are the most basic type of calculators. They are limited to the four basic mathematic functions and square roots. They are often cheap, costing as low as a dollar online.

Class II - Stand-alone non-programmable, non-graphing calculators

They do not have the "EXE" button, "Prog" button, or a "file" button.

Class II Calculator

Examples: CASIO FX-260, Sharp EL-501, TI-30X, TI-34, Texas Instruments BA II Plus

Class III - Stand-alone, programmable calculators

To identify a stand-alone non-graphing, programmable calculator, look for the presence of the ‘EXE’ button, the ‘Prog’ button, or a ‘file’ button. Examples include but are not limited to: Casio Super FXs, numerous older Casio models, and HP 35S. A calculator of this type with the buttons labeled is shown to the right.

Class III Calculator

Examples: Casio 975 0/9850/9860, HP 40/50/PRIME, TI 83/84/89/NSPIRE/VOYAGE

Class IV - Calculator applications on multipurpose devices

Events that Allow Calculators

Note: Any event that allows a calculator class will allow all lower calculator classes, including no calculator.


Class I

Class II

Class III

Class IV

2019 Calculator Events
2018 Calculator Events

Starting 2018, all calculators must be dedicated to computation.

2017 Calculator Events

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