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Canton High School is a team in Michigan's Wayne-Monroe Region, or Region 8. Some recent results Canton has had in Regionals are 2nd Place (2014), 2nd Place (2015), and 2nd Place (2016). Some recent results Canton has had in States are 12th Place (2013), 12th Place (2014), 21st Place (2015) and 21st Place (2016). Canton High School does seem to be more serious than ever before in Science Olympiad. They look to have a much better performance at the State competition in 2017.

Note: As of now, you must be in the top 12 teams in order to place as a team at the Division C State level competition in Michigan.

Year Regional Points State Points
1988 7th 811
1989 8th 791
1990 4th 961
1992 10th 1701
1993 11th 1691
1994 10th 1931
1995 - -
1996 32nd 741
1997 - -
1998 - -
1999 - -
2000 31st 1951
2001 2nd 11th 424
2002 2nd 22nd 518
2003 2nd 13th 438
2004 1st 12th 433
2006 3rd 115 20th 503
2007 1st 105
2008 1st 922 12th 432
2009 1st 873
2010 3rd 117 16th 461
2011 4th 894,5 11th 3285
2012 2nd 66 8th 349
2013 2nd 72 12th 373
2014 2nd 84 12th 368
2015 2nd 86 21st 525
2016 2nd 72 21st 507
2017 2nd 65 8th 310
2018 2nd 60 12th 374
2019 2nd 66 17th 497
1: higher scores were more desirable at this competition
2: the event Forensics was made a trial event and did not count towards the overall score
3: the events Egg-O-Naut and Technical Problem Solving were made a trial event and did not count towards the overall score
4: the event Experimental Design was made a trial event and did not count towards the overall score
5: the event Sumo Bots was made a trial event and did not count towards the overall score

Event Placements

Click a year below to see Canton's performance in all events

2016 Event Placements
2016 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Air Trajectory 4th 32nd
Anatomy and Physiology 7th 38th
Astronomy 2nd 16th
Bridge Building 4th 19th
Cell Biology 5th1 16th
Chemistry Lab 2nd 18th
Disease Detectives 2nd 13th
Dynamic Planet 2nd1 30th
Electric Vehicle 5th 40th2
Experimental Design 1st 18th
Forensics 2nd 14th
Fossils 2nd 27th
Game On 2nd 14th
GeoLogic Mapping 3rd1 37th
Green Generation 2nd1 13th
Hydrogeology 2nd 12th
Invasive Species 1st 23rd
It's About Time 5th 15th
Protein Modeling 5th 32nd
Robot Arm 4th 20th
Wind Power 1st 11th
Wright Stuff 1st 10th
Write It Do It 8th 39th
Overall Rank 2nd 21st
1: these events were the ones in which Canton's Junior Varsity Team got 1st Place at the Regional Competition.
2: not necessarily 40th. Despite there being 48 teams at States, the lowest rank a team can get at an event is 40th. Therefore, any event labelled 40th place can actually be any rank from 40th to 48th.