Central High School

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Central High School
CHSMO Logo.png
Location 423 E. Central Street
Springfield, MO 65802
State FlagOfMissouri.png Missouri
Central High School is located in Missouri
Central High School
Central High School
Member of SO since 2001
Teams 2
Coaches 1
Colors      Red,      Black
Feeds from Central High School (B), Pipkin Middle School
Results History
Best regional 2018-2020 (1st)
Best state 2019 (5th)
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Central High School is a Division C team located in Springfield, Missouri. The team has seen a surge in performance following a placement of 13th at the 2017 Southwest Missouri Regional. Since then, Central has placed as high as 5th in the state, their highest placement ever at the state tournament. The school typically has three Division B teams and two Division C teams at the regional level, with one team from each proceeding on to the state tournament depending on the season. For more information on the school's Division B teams, see here.


Central High School was built in 1893 as Springfield Senior High School. Since then the school has been expanded several times, being renamed Central High School in 1956. The school has offered the IB (International Baccalaureate) program since 1996, and was the fourth school in Missouri to gain the title of IB World School. As a result, Central functions as a magnet within the Springfield Public Schools district - over half of the students enrolled at Central transfer there with the express purpose of enrolling in IB courses. Despite the influx of transfer students, Central is still the second largest school in the district with Kickapoo High School serving around 200 more students.

Springfield is the most populous city in the Southwest Missouri region, and the third largest city in the state. The city's school district is the largest in the state by population, beating out St. Louis Public Schools by a narrow margin. The Springfield school district is also unique in that it adopts an open transfer policy, meaning that students are not obligated to attend the school they live in the area for. This makes transferring to Central relatively accessible for students looking to take advantage of the IB courses offered there. Central feeds directly from Pipkin Middle School, another IB World School that offers the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP).

Science Olympiad

Central High School has had a Science Olympiad team at least since the 2001 season, where the team placed 7th at the regional level. They would not go on to attend the state tournament until 2006, where they placed 15th. Since that year, Central has attended the state tournament off and on, with a typically average performance.

The team underwent a change in leadership before the 2018 season, with the former coach of Greenwood Laboratory School's Science Olympiad team taking the helm. Central currently holds the record for lowest point total in the region, having scored just 61 points in 2019 and placing 5th in the state later that year.


Season Regionals States
2001 7th (272) -
2002 19th (431) -
2003 22nd (498) -
2004 - -
2005 13th (282) -
2006 5th (183) 15th (368)
2007 Unknown -
2008 3rd (139) Unknown
2009 4th (182) Unknown
2010 3rd (216) Unknown
2011 5th (179) 32nd (705)
2012 8th (248) -
2013 5th (163) Unknown
2014 3rd (131) Unknown
2015 3rd (114) 9th (290)
2016 3rd (155) 14th (344)
2017 13th (295) -
2018 1st1 (108) 9th (249)
2019 1st (61) 5th (199)
2020 1st (76) N/A2

1 Due to a scoring error, the places of 1st and 2nd were switched after submission to state. This score reflects the updated Region VII score.

2 The 2020 Missouri State Tournament was not held due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak.