Central Middle School (Missouri)

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This article is about the team in Missouri. For other schools, see Central Middle School.
Central Middle School (Missouri)
CHSMO Logo.png
Location 423 E. Central Street
Springfield, MO 65802
State Flag of Missouri.svg Missouri
Region Southwest Missouri
Central Middle School (Missouri) is located in Missouri
Central Middle School (Missouri)
Central Middle School (Missouri)

Coordinates: 37°12′32″N 93°17′32″W / 37.2090°N 93.2923°W / 37.2090; -93.2923

Member of SO since 2005
Teams 3
Coaches 1
Colors      Red,      Black,      White
Feeds to Central High School (C)
Results History
Best regional 1st (2019-2020)
Best state 3rd (2021)

Central Middle School is the name given to Central High School's Division B teams. Students on this team are typically members of the Springfield Scholars Program (also known as the MYSP, or Middle Years Scholars Program), a program for gifted students in grades 6-8. Students in this program follow a specialized curriculum, taking high school level classes throughout their middle school years and taking certain specialized classes such as humanities and philosophy. Students wishing to attend Central through this program must qualify and fill out an application before they are accepted. While a majority of students that compete on these Division B teams are members of the Scholars program, freshmen that do not compete at the Division C level may also compete on one of these teams.


Season Regionals States
2005 23rd (550) -
2006 21st (496) -
2007 Unknown -
2008 5th (196) -
2009 4th (221) Unknown
2010 3rd (222) Unknown
2011 6th (217) -
2012 4th (154) Unknown
2013 6th (234) -
2014 5th (187) Unknown
2015 3rd (151) 12th (344)
2016 6th (187) 24th (479)
2017 5th (167) 27th (508)
2018 2nd (117) 7th (285)
2019 1st (106) 6th (265)
2020 1st (137) N/A1
2021 1st (47) 3rd (67)
2022 1st (55) 4th (172)

1 The 2020 Missouri State Tournament was not held due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak.