Cerro Villa Middle School

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Cerro Villa Middle School. Home of the Vikings. We compete in Southern California. Also please don't confuse us with Carmel Valley Middle School just because we have the same initials (CVMS). Also Sierra Vista Middle School, because Cerro and Sierra sound somewhat alike.


2016-2017 Season Results:

Regionals: 4th Place Overall (advance to SoCal State)

Fun Facts:

-We have a few "small" rivalries between Jeffery Trail, Kraemer, and Rancho San Joaquin

-Our official Science Olympiad mascot is the Blobfish, lovingly named Blobby or El Blobito. #freakingamazing

-Sierra Vista Middle School vandalized our Blobfish. -_-

-We did amazing at the state competition! :) Go Air Trajectory and Crime Busters 2016. Congrats for the win!

- The Carmel Valley students are friends with us:) yaya

Keep on eating that rice. Also #CVSciOly rocks!

We are a very fun school.