Chattahoochee High School

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Chattahoochee High School
Location 5230 Taylor Rd
Johns Creek, GA
State Flag of the State of Georgia.svg Georgia
Chattahoochee High School is located in Georgia
Chattahoochee High School
Chattahoochee High School

Coordinates: 34°02′57″N 84°12′31″W / 34.049100°N 84.208559°W / 34.049100; -84.208559

Member of SO since late 1990s
Results History
Best regional 1st (2015-2016)
Best state 1st (2021)
Best nationals 15th (2016)

Chattahoochee High School is a competitive Division C team that often places in the top 3 at the Georgia state tournament, and qualified for Nationals from 2015-2019, and 2021. Since 2014, they have hosted the Chattahoochee Invitational for Division B.

Results History

Official Tournament Results

Year Regionals State Nationals
2024 2nd (107) 2nd (80) 32nd (670)
2023 2nd (99) 5th (166) -
2022 2nd (108) 3rd (119) -
2021 N/A 1st (495) 24th (400)
1st (445)
2020 2nd (73) Cancelled Cancelled
3rd (152)
8th (180)
2019 2nd (80) 2nd (131) 27th (576)
4th (132)
7th (199)
2018 2nd (664) 2nd (113) 20th (515)
4th (1334)
2017 2nd (701) 2nd (105) 22nd2 (561)
6th (1761)
2016 1st (72) 2nd (94) 15th (493)
4th (161)
2015 1st (108) 2nd (139) 34th (750)
16th (291)
2014 3rd (111) 3rd (128) -
15th (234)
2013 2nd (112) 3rd (162) -
19th (264)
23rd (286)
2012 2nd (114) 9th (218) -
9th (199)
15th (234)
2011 4th 5th (1883) -
2010 2nd (164) 3rd (172) -
2009 -
2008 2nd (132) -
11th (201)
2007 3rd -
2006 -
2005 5th -
1 Electric Vehicle was not counted toward the team score.
2 Won the Spirit Award.
3 Sumo Bots was not counted toward the team score.
4 Astronomy was not counted toward the team score.
5 There were two tracks with "A" teams in one and "B and C" teams in another

Chattahoochee has previously competed at the Georgia Perimeter College Regional, Kennesaw State-SPSU Regional, and the Middle Georgia State University Regional. They currently compete at the University of North Georgia-Dahlonega Regional. In 2020, due to a conflict with the Solon Invitational, Chattahoochee attended Kennesaw State-SPSU Regional instead.

Invitational Results

Year Brookwood MIT UGA Yale Johns Creek
2020 2nd - 2nd (152) - -
Unknown - 4th (196)
Unknown - 5th (209)
2019 1st (912,8) 15th (481) 1st (1212,9) - -
8th (2582,8) 32nd (724) 7th (2052,9)
11th (3442,8) - 10th (2582,9)
2018 2nd (1532,4,8) 11th (413) 1st (1092,7) - 2nd (1124,6)
8th (2922,4,8) 43rd (903) 5th (1502,7) 10th (1674,6)
10th (2972,4,8) - 12th (2162,7) 12th (1794,6)
2017 3rd (1622,4) 7th (336) 1st (1393) - -
22nd (3622,4) 36th (901) 2nd (1503)
20th (3522,4) - -
2016 2nd (1192,4) 8th (270) 1st (822) - -
13th (2852,4) 26th (651) 6th (1852)
2015 9th 15th (446) 1st (761) - -
25th (612) 11th (2271)
2014 - - 5th (223) -
26th (559)
2013 7th (2022,5) - - - -
9th (2152,5) - -
27th (3282,5) - -
2012 4th - - - -
2011 - - - -
2010 - - - -
2009 - - - - -
2008 - - - - -
1 No building events were held.
2 Building events were not counted toward the team score.
3 Scored out of 22 events (excludes Electric Vehicle for reasons unknown)
4 Game On was not counted toward the team score.
5 MagLev was not counted toward the team score.
6 Hovercraft and Mission Possible were not held.
7 Thermodynamics and Hovercraft were not counted toward the team score.
8 Mission Possible was not held.
9 Mission Possible was not counted toward the team score.

Chattahoochee also attended the Alpharetta Invitational for several years prior to its discontinuation after 2015, and has attended its successor, the Forsyth Central Invitational, since 2016. Chattahoochee has also attended the GSMST-Walton Invitational since 2019. For all of these tournaments, competitors can be mixed between teams, and scores are often not matched with a particular team; hence, team awards are not given at the tournament, and are not listed here.

National Tournament Medals

Year Medals
2021 Codebusters (3rd)
2019 Forensics (4th), Fermi Questions (6th), Detector Building (trial) (1st)
2018 Mousetrap Vehicle (2nd), Fermi Questions (6th), Helicopters (6th)
2017 Hovercraft (2nd), Dynamic Planet (3rd), Robot Arm (5th), Astronomy (6th)
2016 Wind Power (3rd), Fossils (6th), Hydrogeology (6th), It's About Time (6th)

Past Tournament Placements

2018 Event Placements   
Event Johns Creek UGA Forsyth Central Brookwood MIT Regionals State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd 5th 13th 1st 13th 10th 2nd 21st 22nd 11th
Astronomy 7th 15th+ 9th 1st 4th 17th 30th 5th 15th 26th
Chemistry Lab 2nd 5th 7th 2nd 19th 8th 1st 13th
Disease Detectives 1st 4th 7th 1st 11th 2nd 28th 1st
Dynamic Planet 15th+ 5th 11th 14th 7th 6th 6th 3rd
Ecology 1st 6th 11th 8th 4th 1st 8th 24th 25th 29th
Experimental Design 2nd 15th+ 4th 12th 5th 7th 15th 9th 8th
Fermi Questions 15th+ 15th+ 13th 3rd 15th 17th 28th 25th 17th 29th
Forensics 11th 15th+ 15th+ 5th 7th 1st 14th 17th
Game On N/A 1st 13th 3rd 26th 16th
Helicopters 15th+ 15th+ 10th 4th 1st
Herpetology 12th 7th 15th+ 7th 9th 22nd 8th 10th 23rd
Hovercraft N/A 10th 11th 19th
Materials Science 1st 14th 8th 1st 4th 7th 7th 15th 8th 9th
Microbe Mission 11th 2nd 6th 4th 9th 11th 3rd 12th 21st 8th
Mission Possible N/A 6th N/A
Mousetrap Vehicle
Optics 4th 15th+ 9th 10th 18th 5th 2nd 9th 19th 16th
Remote Sensing 3rd 8th 7th 7th 1st 6th 28th 25th
Rocks and Minerals 11th 15th+ 14th 18th 2nd 11th 11th 15th
Thermodynamics 4th 5th 15th+ 9th 4th 3rd 5th 3rd
Towers 11th 10th 2nd 25th
Write It Do It 10th 15th+ 14th 9th 1st 12th 10th
Team Rank 2nd 10th 12th 1st 5th 12th
112 167 179 109 150 216
2017 Event Placements   
Event UGA Forsyth Central Brookwood MIT Regionals State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd 3rd 22nd 25th 20th 20th 21st 25th+ 20th 48th 4th 12th+ 19th 52nd
Astronomy 2nd 1st 12th 3rd 10th 2nd 5th 8th 14th 42nd 3rd 12th+ 1st 6th
Chemistry Lab 1st 2nd 10th 12th 24th 2nd 22nd 10th 11th 19th 2nd 6th 5th 18th
Disease Detectives 14th 11th 3rd 13th 7th 1st 25th+ 25th+ 13th 22nd 1st 9th 2nd 32nd
Dynamic Planet 2nd 3rd 2nd 1st 3rd 3rd 14th 25th+ 2nd 42nd 2nd 12th+ 2nd 3rd
Ecology 9th 4th 1st 10th 2nd 20th 25th+ 3rd 14th 27th 4th 6th 11th 34th
Electric Vehicle 9th1 NS1 2nd NS 6th 4th NS NS 29th P — 2 3rd 50th
Experimental Design 1st 9th 25th 13th 9th 5th 18th 25th+ 20th 40th 5th 2nd 1st 49th
Forensics 6th 23rd 10th NS 18th 18th 22nd 25th+ 23rd 55th 4th 9th 14th 56th
Game On 6th 1st 11th 9th 10th 4th NS NS 2nd 30th 4th 12th+ 3rd 11th
Helicopters 2nd 1st 1st 2nd NS 1st 3rd 9th 40th 12th 1st 5th 1st 12th
Hovercraft 4th 6th — 3 2nd 10th 13th 3rd 46th 1st 6th 1st 2nd
Hydrogeology 9th 1st 12th 1st 11th 7th 20th 11th 5th 31st 2nd 7th 3rd 12th
Invasive Species 4th 1st 4th 3rd 20th 11th 25th+ 17th 14th 21st 3rd 8th 6th 11th
Materials Science 7th 1st 8th 14th 5th 2nd 13th 19th 6th 17th 3rd 5th 16th 31st
Microbe Mission 3rd 4th 16th 21st 24th 4th 25th+ 25th+ 11th 37th 5th 11th 1st 26th
Optics 7th 4th 24th 27th 14th 19th 25th+ 20th 36th 31st 9th 10th 2nd 42nd
Remote Sensing 6th 8th 17th 1st 27th 8th 23rd 25th+ 13th 39th 1st 5th 1st 18th
Robot Arm 1st NS 2nd NS 3rd 9th NS NS 3rd NS 1st 11th 2nd 5th
Rocks and Minerals 5th 12th 4th 23rd 14th 16th 25th+ 25th+ 14th 27th 4th 7th 3rd 31st
Towers NS 1st NS 1st 3rd 2nd NS NS 17th P 1st 3rd 4th 19th
Wind Power 12th 7th 5th 16th 4th 4th 21st 25th 10th 40th 6th 12th+ 4th 9th
Write It Do It 1st 12th 9th 2nd 4th 18th 23rd NS 16th 61st 4th 6th 10th 32nd
Team Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 22nd 20th 7th 36th 2nd 6th 2nd 22nd
139 150 162 362 352 336 901 70 176 105 561
Fermi Questions 13th 11th
Picture This 3rd 30th
Quantum Quandaries 2nd 7th
We've Got Your Number NS 16th
1 Did not count toward the team score (reason unknown).
2 Did not count toward the team score due to scoring inconsistencies.
3 Event was not run at this tournament.


Alex19148 (Competitor 2018-2020)
Apatak03 (Competitor 2018-present)
arvind_r (Competitor 2015-2017)
AzureSkies (Competitor 2016-present)
Bdirb (Competitor 2017-2020)
bonysteak (Competitor 2015-2018)
choyoonji (Competitor 2018-present)
fn2187 (Competitor 2016-2018)
Jaol (Competitor 2017-2020)
JojoCho (Competitor 2016-2019)
Orion66 (Competitor 2015-2018)
Penguin317 (Competitor 2017-2019)
pkota (Competitor 2017-2020)
Roykim (Competitor 2017-2020)
Tbak (Competitor 2016-2020)
Unome (Competitor 2016-2018)
Valkoor (Competitor 2017-2018)