Conant High School

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Conant High School
Location 700 E Cougar Trail
Hoffman Estates, IL
State FlagOfIllinois.png Illinois
Conant High School is located in Illinois
Conant High School
Conant High School
Member of SO since 2011
Teams 3
Coaches 3
Captains 5
Colors      Navy Blue,      Scarlet,      White
Tournament Host Conant Invitational
Results History
Best regional 2019 (3rd)
Best state 2019 (12th)

James B. Conant High School is a Division C school located in Hoffman Estates, IL. They usually compete in the Harper College Regional. They also host an invite early in the season during December.


Year Regionals State
2015 14th (297)
2016 5th (146) 32nd (669)
2017 6th (242) 23rd (571)
2018 4th (112) 21st (522)
2019 3rd (125) 12th (466)
2019 4th (111) N/A*

*Due to the rising pandemic of COVID-19 that spring, most state tournaments, Illinois being one of them, were cancelled.

3rd Conant High School received a 3rd place trophy at the 2019 Harper Regional.
Logo for Conant Science Olympiad. Gooo Cougars!

Team Members on

  • Nydauron (2016-2019)
  • TreePixel (2018-2020)