Cypress Falls High School

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Cypress Falls High School At a Glance
Member of SO since 1999
Best finish, regionals 2004,2005 1st place
Best finish, state 2004, 2005, 2006 1st place
Best finish, nationals 2005, 20th place

Cypress Falls High School is located in Houston, Texas. It has been a part of Science Olympiad since 1999, the first year texas was initiated. Their website is here.


Results History

Year Venue Rank
2004 Nationals 37th
States 1st
Regionals 1st
2005 Nationals 20th
States 1st
Regionals 1st
2006 Nationals 33rd
States 1st
Regionals 2nd
2009 Nationals 39th
States 2nd
Regionals 2nd
2012 Greenhill Invitational 2nd
Katy Regionals 2nd
State 5th
2013 Cyfalls Invitational 3rd(Not Ranked)
Greenhill Invitational 7th?
Langham Creek Invitational 1st
Regional 2nd
States 4th
2014 States 5th