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Location 17050 Del Sur Ridge Rd
San Diego, CA 92127
State FlagOfCalifornia.png California
Design39Campus is located in California
Member of SO since 2015
Teams 5
Results History
Best regional 9th (2017-2018)
Best state 19th (2018)

Design39Campus is a Division B team that competes in the San Diego Regional in California. Design39Campus opened in 2014, competing in the Science Olympiad for the first time in the 2015 season. The school is located in the Poway Unified School District in San Diego, serving grades K-8 with a unique approach to learning.


Season Regionals States
2015 Unknown -
2016 14th -
2017 9th -
2018 9th 19th (408)
2019 Unknown -
2020 Cancelled -


Due to the amount of teams that participate in the San Diego Regional, placements 1st through 10th receive a medal while 10th through 20th receive ribbons. As a result, placements through 20th place are listed below.

Year Event Placement Team
2016 Bridge Building 20th Metal
Crave the Wave 8th Fire
Food Science 15th Wood
Fossils 5th Metal
Mission Possible 19th Earth
Scrambler 14th Earth
Scrambler 13th Fire
Scrambler 4th Metal
2017 Crime Busters 10th Hades
Crime Busters 12th Poseidon
Disease Detectives 4th Hestia
Dynamic Planet 9th Poseidon
Fast Facts 10th Poseidon
Hovercraft 7th Poseidon
Hovercraft 14th Hades
Meteorology 18th Poseidon
Optics 12th Poseidon
Rocks & Minerals 5th Hades
Scrambler 7th Hestia
Towers 11th Poseidon
Towers 17th Hades
Wind Power 12th Hestia
Wind Power 16th Athena