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For the middle school competition, see Division B. For the high school competition, see Division C.

Division A, also known as Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO), is for elementary school age students, grades K-6. In this division, non-competitive Fun Days and Fun Nights, are run for all grades, and Competitive Tournaments are run for grades 3-6.

Division A is not currently as widespread as Divisions B or C, and as of 2017 there is no National Tournament for Division A.


Events may vary widely between tournaments and states. The Science Olympiad store has materials to set up an Elementary Science Olympiad tournament or a fun day or fun night event.

Table of content for possible Division A Competitive events.
Table of content for possible Division A Fun day/fun night events.

A comprehensive list of possible Division A activities can be found on the right. Some events are especially popular in Division A, with lessons plans available at the Science Olympiad store:

  • A is for Anatomy
  • Aerodynamics Aloft
  • Bottle Music
  • Calculator Contest
  • Circuit Wizardry
  • Cool it!
  • Gunk
  • Metric Mastery
  • Monster Match
  • Pentathlon
  • Pond Study
  • Rock Hound
  • Science Bowl
  • Straw Tower
  • Write It - Do It


The following states have historically hosted Division A events.

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