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Dynamic Planet is an event concerned with the processes which change the Earth. The topic changes from year to year. The GMOA Notes also apply to most Dynamic Planet topics. The following table is the list of topics by year.

Season Topic
2021 Oceanography
2020 Oceanography
2019 Glaciers
2018 Tectonics
2017 Tectonics
2016 Oceanography
2015 Oceanography
2014 Glaciers
2013 Glaciers
2012 Earth's Fresh Water
2011 Earth's Fresh Water
2010 Earthquakes and Volcanoes
2009 Earthquakes and Volcanoes
2008 Oceanography
2007 Oceanography
2006 Glaciers
2005 Glaciers


Morphology: The form or structure (a.k.a. geomorphology when used in relation to geology)

Topographic Map: Topographic maps are maps that show geological features of a certain area. An important feature of topographic maps are their contour lines, which show a change in elevation. More on them at http://topomaps.usgs.gov