East Hills Middle School (Pennsylvania)

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East Hills Middle School (Pennsylvania) At a Glance
Member of SO since 1990s
Best finish, regionals 2nd
Best finish, state 10th, 2002
Best finish, nationals Never attended

East Hills Middle School was a Division B team located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They most recently competed in the Central East region, but competed in the Northeast region until the Central East regional was formed in 1997. They had a history of qualifying for states, but stopped competing after 2012.

East Hills fed primarily into Freedom High School.

Results Table

Year Regionals States
2001 2nd
2002 2nd 10th (394)
2003 2nd 14th (388)
2004 2nd 20th (450.5)
2005 4th 25th (466)
2006 3rd 18th (435)
2008 5th 17th (447)
2009 4th 21st (439)
2010 4th 14th (398)
2011 3rd (123) 23rd (491)
2012 4th (108) 14th (406)