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East Samford School is a new school operating under Auburn Alabama's system of teams. It is composed of only 7th graders, Unlike J.F. Drake Middle School their record is to be made, but Auburn's legacy of success in its region makes it a possible tough competitor.


6th and 7th graders alike populated J.F. Drake Middle School since 2002. In early 2017, Drake was to be separated. The sixth graders would remain in the school, and the 7th graders were relocated to the former junior high. A new Auburn High School was built, and the current Auburn Junior High School schoolers now reside in the former building of Auburn High School. Their first ever tournament was held in the University of Alabama at Birmingham for regionals on February 10, 2018, placing 5th. In 2019, they placed 2nd in regionals, and got 4th at state.

Results History

Year State Nationals
2018 - -
2019 4th -