East Stroudsburg High School North

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East Stroudsburg High School North at a glance
Member of SO since before 2008
Best finish, regionals
Best finish, state never made it
Best finish, nationals never made it

This fledgling team competes in Science Olympiad, but is not very competitive. They only participate in less than half of the 23 events most years, and tend to perform poorly in those that they do participate in. Unfortunately, the school's team has faced many setbacks due to the team being viewed with disdain, and as such, the best students for the competition usually do not join the team.

East Stroudsburg North participates in the Northeast region of Pennsylvania. They are in the same school district as East Stroudsburg High School South, which has recently been more successful in Science Olympiad. They also participate in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference Tournament

In 2015, North placed 3rd in Experimental Design, which was their first medal in several years. They later placed 1st in Anatomy and Physiology in 2016.


Past Results
Year N Pocono EPC Regionals
2011 - 13th (125) 30th*
2012 - 12th (104) 26th (577)
2013 - 13th (112) 27th (594)
2014 - 26th (621)
2015 - 25th (535)
2016 - 12th (98) 21st (477)
2017 17th (414) 14th (108) 28th (577)
2018 18th (397) - 16th (376)
*East Stroudsburg North did not officially register in time, but they did compete in some events at regionals, so this is their estimated finish