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Not to be confused with East Stroudsburg High School North.
East Stroudsburg High School South
ES South Logo.gif
Location 279 N Courtland Street
East Stroudsburg, PA
State Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Pennsylvania
Region Northeast Pennsylvania
East Stroudsburg High School South is located in Pennsylvania
East Stroudsburg High School South
East Stroudsburg High School South

Coordinates: 41°00′19″N 75°11′06″W / 41.0054°N 75.1850°W / 41.0054; -75.1850

Member of SO since 2005
Teams 1
Coaches 2
Colors      Purple,      White
Feeds from J.T. Lambert Intermediate School
Results History
Best regional 2nd place, 2012
Best state 10th place, 2012
Best nationals Never qualified
Social Media
Website http://www.esasd.net/domain/898

East Stroudsburg High School South is located in the borough of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania [1]. Their sibling school, J.T. Lambert Intermediate School, had historically been more successful than them, but the team experienced a brief period of success in the mid-2010s. They participate in the Northeast region at Penn State-Wilkes Barre.

School Info

East Stroudsburg South is one of two high schools in East Stroudsburg Area School District (with the other being East Stroudsburg High School North). The school contains 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, and the student community is very culturally diverse. Approximately 1,300 students attend this school. There are over 20 sports teams and over 25 clubs, not including Science Olympiad. Due to a steady increase of students throughout the 2000s, the school finished a massive renovation at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, which involved the demolition of the historic J.S. Bunnell School, which was located on the school grounds. Their mascot is the Cavalier and their colors are purple and white.


Results Table

Past Results
Year Twin Tiers Valley Forge Tiger N Pocono EPC* Regionals States
2005 - - - - 25th (470) -
2006 - - - - 19th (410) -
2007 - - - - [3rd] 17th (379) -
2008 - - - - [2nd] 9th -
2009 - - - - [4th] 15th (306) -
2010 - - - - - 10th (297) -
2011 25th (518) - - - 5th [2nd] (63) 8th (248) -
2012 14th (340) - 15th (341) - 3rd [1st]+ (42) 2nd (96) 10th (344)
2013 - - - - 3rd [1st] (43) 5th (170) 16th (432)
2014 - 22nd (464) 24th (468) - 3rd [1st] 4th (154) 19th (424)
2015 - 28th (532) - - 8th (247) -
2016 - 32nd (609) - - 6th (63) 7th (226) -
2017 - - - 8th (182) 5th (56) 6th (167) - #
2018 - - - 7th (265) 8th (63) 9th (202) -
2019 - - - 8th (281) 6th (52) 7th (223) -
2020 - - - 23rd (493) 13th (100) - -
* Prior to 2015, the EPC was split into the MVC and LVC. The overall place is in brackets.
+ Officially, the team placed 2nd MVC and 4th overall, due to a disputed method of scoring ties.
# Due to a conflict, the team was unable to attend the state tournament in 2017, despite qualifying.

Gold Medals

The following table includes all first place medals won at regionals by East Stroudsburg South in team history.

Regional Gold Medals
Year Event
2006 Tower Building
2011 Remote Sensing
2012 Astronomy
Chemistry Lab
Protein Modeling
Remote Sensing
2013 Boomilever
2014 Boomilever
Water Quality
2019 Chemistry Lab


2nd East Stroudsburg High School South came in 2nd place at the Northeast Pennsylvania Regionals in 2012.
10th East Stroudsburg High School South came in 10th place at the 2012 Pennsylvania State Tournament in 2012.

1st East Stroudsburg High School South came in 1st place at the MVC Tournament in 2013.
1st East Stroudsburg High School South came in 1st place at the MVC Tournament in 2014.


When they were officially founded in the 2004-2005 year, the East Stroudsburg South team naturally struggled and finished 25th. The next couple years were not much better, as they placed 19th and 17th, respectively. However, in 2008, they proved that they might become a team to be reckoned with, as they finished 9th, just two places behind the qualification mark. This team was filled with motivated seniors, and they seemed to establish a point from which the team could continue to improve.


The team's decent showing in 2008 was a cause for hope that maybe they would be able to finally reach states in 2009. However, they fell short of their goals, having a lackluster showing at the MVC/LVC Tournament and failing to make a dent at regionals, with only two medals to show for their attempt. The loss of the seniors simply proved too much to overcome. Nevertheless, with the J.T. Lambert team being successful in recent years, the freshmen on the team were hopeful that the success would carry over to the high school. EASTstroudsburg13 and Hawke245 were among the members of the 2009 team.

The 2010 season started with relatively low hopes, as many team members graduated or left the district. A small showing at early practices did not improve the look of the coming season. However, after some active recruiting, many more students signed up, mostly sophomores, and prospects looked brighter. However, despite breaking the top 10, their score improved by less than 10 points from last year. Also, there was a greater disparity between the events that they did well in and the events which were bombed, as there was only one event better than 8th place and worse than 18th. EASTstroudsburg13 and Hawke245 were members on this team.

2011 began with hope that the team can finally reach the state level. The addition of an enthusiastic freshman class to a core of experienced juniors brightens chances to become more consistent in all events. Questions about numbers and how many other participants from last year would return were dispelled at the first meeting in late October, as almost a full team attended the meeting with notable exceptions due to sports or other activities. The team attended the Twin Tiers Invitational for the first time in school history, and although some team members could not attend the competition due to a PMEA District Chorus festival, the team performed admirably, placing 25th overall. At the MVC Tournament, held after a one year hiatus, the team medaled in 8 of the 10 events, placing 5th overall with a score of 63, and managing to place higher than Lehighton High School for the first time in school history.

When the team competed in the regional competition, they broke the school record for place and points at regionals, cutting almost 50 points off the previous year. However, they failed to qualify for states, finishing at a somewhat disappointing 8th, only 19 points away from making states. They demonstrated better depth than recent years, but it was not improved enough to make the school's first state appearance. EASTstroudsburg13, Hawke245, 49ers, airplanesrule, NEO Awesomeness, Starsky133, Cholly, and rsiptroth5 were members of this team.

2011 Event Results
2011 Event Results
Event Twin Tiers MVC Regionals
Anatomy & Physiology 25th 12th 9th
Astronomy 24th - 2nd
Chemistry Lab 22nd 4th 11th
Disease Detectives 26th 12th 21st
Dynamic Planet 21st - 24th
Ecology 27th 4th 7th
Experimental Design 25th - 3rd
Forensics 29th - 20th
Fossils 22nd - 9th
Helicopters 23rd 4th 10th
Microbe Mission 24th 4th 11th
Mission Possible 20th - 6th
Mousetrap Vehicle 18th 7th 14th
Optics 27th 7th 8th
Ornithology 27th - 19th
Protein Modeling 17th - 4th
Remote Sensing 24th - 1st
Sounds of Music 18th - 15th
Sumo Bots 19th - 8th
Technical Problem Solving 20th - 16th
Towers 17th 1st 2nd
Wind Power 31st* - 5th
Write It Do It 12th 8th 23rd
Total 518 63 248
  • *did not participate in event

The team entered the 2012 season with high hopes. Most of the previous year's had returned, and the only issue seemed to be with the glut of seniors. As the season progressed, most of the seniors remained with the team, and so the team had to split up teams for Athens and Tiger. At Athens, the team drastically improved their score and place from last year, even with Athens Area High School not counting their scores this year. They managed to place 14th in a strong field, with two events medaling and one event receiving a ribbon. They then competed at the Tiger Invitational and continued at almost the exact same pace, by once again placing in the middle of the pack and medaling in three events.

When time came to compete at the MVC Tournament, the team had the high goal of being MVC Champions. Throughout the day, the team had a good feeling about their chances, despite some mishaps. However, after the awards ceremony, Lehighton High School was crowned champion, and they were left to wonder what went wrong and why they did not win. It was not until more than two weeks later that the results came out and they realized that they had scored a record-low score of 42, only one point behind Lehighton's 41. Also, a scoring irregularity in the Forestry event revealed that Lehighton should have ended up with 44 points rather than 41, making East Stroudsburg the unofficial winner. Although they will not have a trophy for it, the team has the knowledge that this year was the first year they were conference champions.

Soon after MVC's, it was finally time to compete at regionals. Although the team had performed admirably in prior tournaments, it was going to take a large effort to carry the team over the final hump of qualifying for states. Throughout the day, team members seemed pretty upbeat about their events, and no events seemed to have been bombing. Early on in the awards ceremony, it appeared that the finish for East Stroudsburg High School South would be spectacular. At the end, the medal count stood at 13 out of 23, which was a drastic improvement over the previous year's five. It seemed impossible that they would miss states this year. As the names were being read off, though, they had still not been announced, and worries of somehow missing states again rose once more. Finally, when it came to announce second place, the name of East Stroudsburg South was finally mentioned as a state qualifier, finishing second only to the dominant Athens Area High School and coming away with their first trophy. After years of toiling to rise in regionals, they had done enough to move on for the first time.

After having made states, the team hoped to continue improving and perform well there. They kept true to this goal by cracking the top 10 in their first-ever state appearance, which included three medals. It was a fitting close to the most successful era in team history.

Team members on this team are EASTstroudsburg13, Hawke245, 49ers, tvmoggie33, airplanesrule, NEO Awesomeness, Starsky133, and rsiptroth5.

2012 Event Results
2012 Event Results
Event Twin Tiers Tiger MVC Regionals States
Anatomy & Physiology 19th 18th 11th 7th 36th
Astronomy 9th 3rd - 1st 3rd
Chemistry Lab 8th 11th 1st 1st 5th
Disease Detectives 23rd 19th 4th 5th 8th
Dynamic Planet 8th 24th - 8th 6th
Experimental Design 14th 19th - 6th 17th
Fermi Questions 21st 15th - 12th 31st
Forensics 11th 12th - 5th 11th
Forestry 19th 12th 2nd 1st 17th
Gravity Vehicle 6th 2nd 1st 2nd 10th
Helicopters 22nd 23rd 4th 4th 17th
Microbe Mission 17th 23rd 6th 8th 18th
Optics 16th 19th - 2nd 10th
Protein Modeling 7th 6th - 1st 10th
Remote Sensing 3rd 5th - 1st 22nd
Robot Arm 17th 9th - 5th 10th
Rocks and Minerals 12th 10th - 6th 20th
Sounds of Music 21st 20th - 10th 22nd
Technical Problem Solving 19th 11th - 2nd 6th
Thermodynamics 4th 27th 4th 1st 5th
Towers 24th 9th 3rd 2nd 15th
Water Quality 19th 6th - 2nd 28th
Write It Do It 21st 28th 6th 4th 17th
Total 340 341 42 96 344


The 2012-2013 season marked a new era in South's history. Much like 2009, the team dealt with the loss of several experienced seniors. However, this time, almost every member on the team had states experience in either JTL or the high school. Although the team was not be able to attend Twin Tiers or Tiger before Regionals, they hoped to overcome the disadvantages this situation had created for the team.

Fears of rust and inexperience were assuaged at the annual MVC tournament, where the team received medals in all 10 events, including 5 MVC gold medals. This led to their first official MVC championship victory in school history, which atoned for their close loss last year. This victory gave confidence to all on the team, and they hoped that it would carry over into Regionals

After MVCs, the team quickly made adjustments and preparations to attend the Regional tournament in Wilkes-Barre. They knew that it would be difficult work making it to States as they had lost EASTstroudsburg13 and several other key seniors. Still, they hoped that all their preparation and studying had not been for naught. The team did decently, medaling in 8 events. These medals included a 4th in Water Quality by 49ers and his partner, a 3rd in Disease Detectives by tvmoggie33, a 2nd in Remote Sensing by 49ers and tvmoggie33, and a first in Boomilever by NEO Awesomeness. NEO Awesomeness also received several other medals. Though the team only took 5th at Regionals, they hope to continue their hard studying and break into the top 10 at States once more.

When the team reached states, they had high hopes. Though they fell short of medaling in any events, the team did decently in their second straight year. NEO Awesomeness took a 6th in Boomilever, and would have taken 2nd if he had used his other device. 49ers and tvmoggie33 placed 6th in Remote Sensing, marking the third time that they placed 6th at states in this event or Road Scholar (the B Division equivalent). 49ers and Anish bhagwat took 8th in Astronomy. tvmoggie33 also took 9th in Write It-Do It. The team had high hopes that the upcoming members from J.T. Lambert Intermediate School would help them to continue and increase their success.

2013 Event Results
2013 Event Results
Event MVC Regionals States
Anatomy & Physiology 2nd 10th 30th
Astronomy - 8th 8th
Boomilever 1st 1st 6th
Chemistry Lab 7th 8th 25th
Circuit Lab - 13th 33rd
Designer Genes 7th 14th 26th
Disease Detectives 2nd 3rd 13th
Dynamic Planet - 10th 21st
Elastic Launched Glider 2nd 6th 20th
Experimental Design - 16th 20th
Fermi Questions 4th 6th 24th
Forensics - 14th 16th
Forestry 7th 7th 33rd
Gravity Vehicle 3rd 4th 14th
MagLev - 5th 30th
Materials Science - 7th 21st
Remote Sensing - 2nd 6th
Robot Arm - 2nd 18th
Rocks and Minerals - 5th 21st
Technical Problem Solving - 4th 9th
Thermodynamics - 3rd 12th
Water Quality - 4th 17th
Write It Do It 8th 18th 9th
Total 43 170 432

As the 2013-2014 school year began, the East Stroudsburg High School South Science Olympiad team once again worked towards state level competition qualification. With the prospects coming up from J.T. Lambert Intermediate School, as well as hopeful in-school recruits, the team looked forward with optimism to the MVC and Regional Competitions. With the loss of seniors covering such events as Chem Lab and Technical Problem Solving, it was necessary for many team members to take a more active role. However, the team competed at invitationals again this year, which was a way for the members of the team to gain experience before regionals, hopefully helping their performance.

The team placed 22nd overall with 464 points (adjusted for a scoring error in Boomilever) in a solid field of 39 teams competing in the Battle at Valley Forge Invitational. Though lacking 49ers due to the District 10 Chorus festival, the team managed fairly well in their first competition at this invitational, placing 2nd in Scrambler, 5th in Entomology, and an 1st (see notes beneath scores table for more information) in Boomilever.

At the Tiger Invitational, the team did not have two major members, a senior recruit and a key junior, as they attended District 10 Band. However, even without them, the team still managed a respectable 24th out of 34 teams that were able to make it to the competition that morning. NEO Awesomeness earned the team's only medal with a 4th in Scrambler. There were several events close to medals, however as the team received 9th place in Boomilever, Entomology, and Rocks and Minerals.

At the MVC/LVC Tournament this year, them once again took home the top prize for their league. As next year the LVC and MVC are merging to form one league in all regards, it is likely that this will be the last MVC trophy, claimed by the East Stroudsburg South team. The event placings in this year's MVC section cannot be compared to other years as it only reflects the Mountain Valley Conference scores, since the results were never sent to the coaches.

As the team proceeded to regionals, they hoped to once again edge out close rival Stroudsburg. The team hoped that the influx of freshmen would be enough to counteract any losses from the previous year's seniors. The team fell short of beating Stroudsburg, partly due to a miscommunication regarding the impounding of the Scrambler device (the event did not have an impound listed on the schedule). But, for the third straight year, the team qualified for states, placing 4th in the region. The team medaled in a respectable 9 out of 23 events, but still yearned for more.

At the state competition, the Cavaliers hoped to crack the top 10 once again. Several team members did not attend the competition for a variety of reasons, and this greatly impacted the team's roster. As a result, several events performed horrifically, and the team fell short of their goal. Though discouraged and frustrated, South hoped to continue the success they have had over the last few years with another group of freshman.

Members of Scioly.org that participated in this year include 49ers, tvmoggie33, Anish Bhagwat, NerdGirl314, isaysroar, MathGeek22, Neo Awesomeness, and risapff13.

2014 Event Results
2014 Event Results
Event Valley Forge Tiger MVC Regionals States
Anatomy & Physiology 14th 25th 5th 8th
Astronomy 22nd 24th - 3rd 14th
Boomilever 27th* 9th 1st 8th
Bungee Drop 24th 26th 6th 23rd
Chemistry Lab 22nd 30th 2nd 2nd 9th
Circuit Lab 31st 31st 9th 22nd
Compound Machines 23rd 21st 11th 30th
Designer Genes 36th 33rd 12th 34th
Disease Detectives 27th 15th 2nd 32nd
Dynamic Planet 21st 19th 5th 10th
Elastic Launched Glider 19th 20th 7th 23rd
Entomology 5th 9th 3rd 13th
Experimental Design 13th 25th 2nd 33rd
Forensics 13th 28th 5th 32nd
Geologic Mapping 19th 12th 2nd 26th
MagLev 30th 27th 9th 25th
Materials Science 29th 22nd 9th 6th
Mission Possible 17th 15th 8th 15th
Rocks and Minerals 11th 9th 5th 12th
Scrambler 2nd 4th 26th 16th
Technical Problem Solving 38th 17th 2nd 8th
Water Quality 26th 19th 1st 16th
Write It Do It 21st 28th 19th 9th
Total 490* 468 154 424

"*" denotes a scoring error for Boomilever at the Battle at Valley Forge Invitational. The scorer accidentally read the team's score with a decimal, instead of a comma, while determining the final results for this event. This resulted in the team not receiving the first place award that should have been received by NEO Awesomeness. This also affected their overall score, which, adjusted, became 464 points, not 490 points as marked.


Recently, the team has run into a relative dry spell, failing to qualify for the state tournament in both 2015 and 2016. However, the general competitiveness of the team remains solid, as team members regularly win medals, and the team has stayed in the top 10 of the region. Hopes were high that in 2017 the team would be able to reach the state finals once again, and after a couple of solid invitational finishes, the team placed 6th at regionals, qualifying for the state championship for the first time since 2014. However, due to a scheduling conflict with the prom, the team did not have enough available team members to attend, and so they had to give up their states position (later claimed by Athens Area High School).

2018 marked another turning point as the senior class that had led J.T. Lambert to its final top-10 place (as of 2018) had graduated. It remains to be seen if new classes can maintain the relative level of success the South team has experienced over the past 6 years, especially as new teams begin to rise.

Other Competitions

Other than the usual Northeastern regional competition at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, the team also participates in the EPC Tournament. They have also attended the Twin Tiers Invitational, Battle at Valley Forge Invitational, the Tiger Invitational, and the North Pocono Invitational.

EPC Tournament

The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference Tournament is usually held near the end of February or beginning of March. It is used to crown the champions for both conferences. About 14 teams from the 18-team EPC usually compete. Only 10 of the 23 events are held, and these events are usually more chemistry or biology oriented. This shortened schedule allows teams to return to their schools before the end of the school day, but it puts teams who are strong in earth science at a disadvantage.

Before 2015, the EPC tournament was a combined tournament between the MVC and the LVC. In 2012, the East Stroudsburg High School South Science Olympiad team unofficially placed first in the MVC and third overall with 42 points, only behind Allentown Central Catholic High School's 36 and Whitehall High School's 39.

East Stroudsburg South's first official, recognized win came in 2013. With the victory in the final Mountain Valley Conference Tournament in 2014, the East Stroudsburg South Team earned their second, and final official victory in the MVCs.

The 2010 tournament was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Twin Tiers Invitational

The team first competed at the Twin Tiers Invitational in 2011, as a way to give experience and practice to those who were new to Science Olympiad. Naturally, the team struggled, only placing in the top half in one event (Write It Do It). A few members, including Eaststroudsburg13 and 49ers could not attend, since they were at the PMEA District X Chorus Festival.

The team competed at Athens once again in 2012, and they greatly improved their score. Although they were helped by absences of teams to the Battle of Valley Forge and Athens Area High School not counting their scores, they still had better statistics in almost every aspect.

Battle at Valley Forge

The team first competed at the Battle at Valley Forge Invitational at Conestoga High School in 2014. The team did not have senior and co-captain 49ers at the competition because he was attending District Chorus, but still did respectably for their first year and lacking this team member. The team also competed at this invitational in 2015 and 2016.

Tiger Invitational

The team competed in the Tiger Invitational for the first time in 2012. It offered another opportunity for team members to prepare and gain experience. Once again, the team's participation this competition will hopefully become a yearly occurrence, especially since it is the closest invitational held to East Stroudsburg.

The team once again was able to compete in 2014. Though they did have the absence of two team members attending District Band, the team still managed several good events.

North Pocono Invitational

The team has attended the North Pocono Invitational every year since its inception in 2017. In the first NP Invitational, South placed 8th in a field of 18 teams, primarily from the Northeast Region. Due to its proximity to the school and the number of teams from its region that attend it, the North Pocono Invitational has been the only traditional invitational that South has attended since 2017.

Fun Facts

  • East Stroudsburg South is known for its heated rivalry with Stroudsburg High School, and this carries over to Science Olympiad. However, so far this has been a friendly rivalry, partially due to the long history of success Stroudsburg has enjoyed and the much more recent emergence of East Stroudsburg.
  • In 2012 states, when the team placed 10th, they had 10 events place in the top 10.


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