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The Eastern Florida Regional is a regional tournament hosted at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, where it has taken place since its debut in 2015. It serves Florida's St. Johns, Putnam, Flagler, and Volusia counties. Throughout its history, the tournament has had a sizable amount of teams attend, with around 10-15 teams in each division, every season. The regional rarely does not hold events, with every event being hosted for the 2018 and 2019 tournament, in both divisions. No trial events have been held at the regional.

The current Division B champion is Galaxy Middle School, one of the only two Division B schools to have won the tournament ever. The team typically does very well at the state tournament and places in the top 10 positions. The current Division C champion is Bartram Trail High School, a high school from St. Augustine, which has won the regional tournament several times.

Eastern Florida Regional
General Information
Eastern Florida Regional is located in Florida
Eastern Florida Regional

Coordinates: 29°11′30″N 81°03′00″W / 29.1917°N 81.0501°W / 29.1917; -81.0501

Location Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
State Flag of Florida.svg Florida
Division B Champion Galaxy Middle School
Division C Champion Bartram Trail High School
Date February 16, 2019


Division B

Division B Results
Year Division B Champion B Champ States Place Division B Runner-up Division B Runner-up States Place Division B Third Place Division B Third Place States Place
2015 Galaxy Middle School (52) 3rd (200) River City Science Academy (65) 4th (207) Heritage Middle School (90) 11th (317)
2016 Galaxy Middle School (52) 2nd (162) Heritage Middle School1 (112) 8th (279) Switzerland Point Middle School2 (141) 31st (402)
2017 Galaxy Middle School (38) 4th (195) Heritage Middle School (102) 7th (313) Silver Sands Middle School3 (141) 20th (371)
2018 Heritage Middle School (72) 4th (228) Galaxy Middle School (87) 8th (284) Silver Sands Middle School4 (134) 20th (363)
2019 Galaxy Middle School (58) 6th (261) Heritage Middle School (75) 15th (328) Pacetti Bay Middle School5 (121) 22nd (383)
1 Galaxy Middle School's second team (N.E.R.D.S.) came second with 90 points
2 Galaxy Middle School's third team (Smarty Party) came fourth with 128 points
3 Galaxy Middle School's second team (Metrci Maniacs) came third with 102 points
4 Galaxy Middle School's second and third teams (Rockets and Brawn) came third and fourth with 95 and 132 points
5 Galaxy Middle School's second and third teams (Chromakids and DABB) came third and fourth with 113 and 120 points

Division C

Division C Results
Year Division C Champion C Champ States Place Division C Runner-up Division C Runner-up States Place Division C Third Place Division C Third Place States Place
2015 University High School (74) 30th (379) Mataznas High School (81) 40th (405) Bartram Trail High School (91) 34th (393)
2016 Bartram Trail High School (86) 25th (357) Mataznas High School (100) Did not attend Atlantic High School1 (123) 40th (424)
2017 Bartram Trail High School (93) 28th (403) Spruce Creek High School2 (105) 16th (353) Atlantic High School3 (125) 37th (431)
2018 Spruce Creek High School (86) 9th (281) Deltona High School (96) 39th (430) Deland High School (112) 13th (347)
2019 Bartram Trail High School (110) 18th (380) Spruce Creek High School (122) 14th (359) Deland High School (134) 11th (353)
1 Bartram Trail High School's second team (Black) came third with 116 points
2 Bartram Trail High School's second team (Black) came second with 97 points
3 Bartram Trail High School's third team (Silver) came fourth with 109 points

Participating Schools

Updated as of the 2021 season.


Trial Events

No trial events have ever been held at this regional.

Events Not Held

2018 - 2019

Division B
All events were held
Division C
All events were held

Location History

Location History
Year Location
2015 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
First season