Excelsior Springs Invitational

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Excelsior Springs Invitational
General Information
Excelsior Springs Invitational is located in Missouri
Excelsior Springs Invitational
Coordinates: 39°20′21″N 94°13′34″W / 39.3392°N 94.2261°W / 39.3392; -94.2261
LocationExcelsior Springs High School
Year started2013
DateJanuary 31st, 2015

The Excelsior Springs Invitational is a defunct Division C invitational formerly hosted by Excelsior Springs High School in the state of Missouri. In the 2014 season the tournament was originally scheduled for November 23rd, but was rescheduled to February 1st for an unknown reason.


Division C Results
Season Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2013 St. James Academy (61) Pembroke Hill High School (69) Olathe North High School (71) Lincoln Southwest High School (106) Mill Valley High School (143) 12/15/12
2014 2/1/14
2015 1/31/15