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Explorers Homeschool Academy
Member of SO since 2009
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2012-2017
Best state 5th, 2012, 2013 (B)
Best nationals Never qualified

Explorers Homeschool Academy (EHA) was a team that had both a Division B and a Division C team from 2009 to 2020. They also had a Division A team from 2009 to 2017. They were located in Hixson, Tennessee. They competed in the Chattanooga State Regional Competition.

The Team At A Glance

  • Explorers Homeschool Academy had a Science Olympiad team from 2009 to 2020.
  • Each individual event did not have an official coach, but parents usually acted in this capacity to some degree.
  • The team usually practiced on Tuesdays from 3:45 to 4:30, until the 2020 season. Partners also met during the week to study.
  • They had an overall head coach, and typically a couple of additional coaches for each division.
  • Events are assigned based on an event request form and preference of event types.
  • EHA did not have any funding beyond a $85 supply and T-shirt fee.
  • EHA did not have any sponsors.
  • EHA did not have a mascot.
  • In 2016, they had two Division B teams. Otherwise, they have only ever had one team per division.
  • In 2019, EHA qualified for the Tennessee State tournament in both divisions. The Division B team had 8 members, and the Division C team had 7 members.

Division A Results

Hopefully Coming Soon...

Division B Results

Year Tournament Rank (Points)
2009 Regionals
2010 Regionals
2011 Regionals 2nd
State 7th
2012 Regionals 1st
State 5th
2013 Regionals 1st
State 5th
2014 Regionals 1st
State 6th
2015 Regionals 1st
State 13th
2016:1 Regionals (A) 1st (58)
Regionals (B) 8th
2017 Regionals 1st
2018 Regionals 2nd
2019 Regionals 3rd
State 22nd
2020 Regionals 10th
State N/A:2
1 EHA Had 2 Division B teams in 2016.
2 EHA did not qualify for the 2020 Tennessee State tournament, which was later cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak

Division C Results

Year Tournament Rank
2011 Regionals
2012 Regionals
2013 Regionals
2014 Regionals
2015 Regionals
2016 Regionals
2017 Regionals 2nd
2018 Regionals 4th?
State N/A1
2019 Regionals 3rd
State 16th
2020 Regionals 11th
State N/A1
1EHA did not qualify for the Tennessee State competition in 2018 or 2020.

Division B Invitationals

Year Invitational Result
2018 Friendship Christian Invitational ?

Division C Invitationals

Year Invitational Result Total Teams
2018 University of Georgia Invitational 26th 42

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