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The family Taxaceae is the Yew family. There is only one species on the 2013 National Forestry list.

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Pacific Yew
Image Pacificyew.jpg
Detailed Information
Family Taxaceae
Scientific Name Taxus brevifolia
Identification tips Orange-red fruit with a hard seed inside - 1/4 inches diameter,
Region Northwestern USA and western Canada.
Conservation NT.png Near threatened

About the Pacific Yew:

Pacific Yew tends to grow to between 10 and 15 meters in height, with a trunk diameter of approximately 50 centimeters. The tree is native to, as stated above, the Pacific Northwest although it appears in both Audobon Field Guides.

Pacific Yew has become a major tree of interest due to the discovery of the chemotherapeutic drug taxol, which has been tested and proven effective against breast, ovarian, and lung cancer. Please see the Taxaceae section of the main Forestry wiki page for more information

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