Forsyth Central Invitational

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Forsyth Central Invitational
General Information
Forsyth Central Invitational is located in Georgia
Forsyth Central Invitational
Coordinates: 34°12′59″N 84°08′38″W / 34.216503°N 84.143875°W / 34.216503; -84.143875
LocationForsyth Central High School
Year started2019 (B); 2016 (C)
DateOctober 27th, 2018 (B); October 13th, 2018 (C)

Forsyth Central Invitational is a defunct Division C and Division B invitational that was hosted by Forsyth Central High School in Cummings, Georgia. It was run from 2016 to 2019 for Division C as a successor to the Alpharetta Invitational, which was formatted similarly, albeit generally smaller. A Division B tournament began in 2019. The two tournaments were run on separate dates in 2019. Forsyth Central was replaced by the South Forsyth Invitational.


Forsyth Central did not award team awards, since schools were permitted to mix team members between different teams and scores were frequently assigned to teams within a school arbitrarily; this should be acknowledged when analyzing results from the competition.

Division B

Year Teams Date
2019 18 10/27/18

Division C

Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams Date
2016 31 11/7/15
2017 34 11/12/16
2018 41 11/11/17
2019 Chattahoochee 1 (155) Chattahoochee 2 (168) Brookwood A (177) Brookwood B (186) Walton A (221) 42 10/13/18

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Notable Attendees

Division B

Division C

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