Frankenmuth High School

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"The Eagles of Michigan's own little Bavaria."

Frankenmuth High School
Results History
Best nationals Never made it

Frankenmuth High School is a Division C school located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Since 2007, they have hosted an annual invitational tournament, the Frankenmuth Invitational (also known as the Eagle Invitational). The 13th annual Frankenmuth Invitational took place on February 9th, 2019.

Results History

Year Regionals States
2006 31st
2007 22nd
2008 20th
2009 1st
2010 3rd -
2011 45th1
2012 34th
2013 -
2014 3rd 28th
2015 3rd 34th
2016 6th -
2017 5th -
2018 8th -
2019 5th 45th
1: Frankenmuth High School tied with Haslett High School at 784 points. This tie was left unbroken on the final scoresheet.