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Galvin Middle School
Member of SO since 2008
Results History
Best regional N/A
Best state 2nd place, 2012-2013
Best nationals never reached

Galvin Middle School Website

History and Info

Galvin Middle School is located in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Galvin holds grades 5-8 and it is the only middle school in town. There are approximately 300 students in each grade. Galvin feeds into Wakefield Memorial High School.

Galvin Middle School [GMS] started their science team in the year 2008. The team was comprised of students in grades 5,7, and 8. The team had around 20 competitors on it. In 2009 GMS will welcome students in grades 5-9 to be on the team. Meetings are held Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Members are expected to go to one of these meetings although some choose to go to both.

The interest in science olympiad greatly increased in 2009. There were over sixty students involved in the club opposed to the twenty last year. For the 2009 season GMS had one regular team and one alternate team both composing of 15 students.

State Competition Results

In 2008, Galvin's first year of competition, they entered in 20 of the 23 events and received a score of 140 which put them in 6th place. The three events they didn't enter were Balloon-Launched Glider, Scrambler, and Robo-cross. The schools clear weakness is the building events. in 2008 they didn't enter 3 of them but the ones they did enter they scored in the top of the second tier. In 2009 GMS hopes to enter every event but that just may not be possible.

In 2009, the team finished third place overall falling just a few points shy of second place.

Results History
Year States Points
2008 6th
2009 3rd
2012 2nd 473
2013 2nd 401
2014 6th 607
2015 5th 523
2016 3rd 533

Individual Event Results

<spoiler text="2008 State Competition">

2008 State Competition
Event Place
Amphibians and Reptiles 2nd
Anatomy 2nd
BLG 17th[NS]
Bio-Process Lab 6th
Crave the Wave 8th
Disease Detectives 2nd
Ecology 9th
Food Science 5th
Meteorology 3rd
Metric Mastery 2nd
Mystery Architecture 6th
Oceanography 9th
Reach for the Stars 3rd
Road Scholar 2nd
Robo-cross 17th[NS]
Rocks and Minerals 4th
Science Crime Busters 5th
Science Word 5th
Scrambler 17th[NS]
Simple Machines 1st
Tower Building 7th
Trajectory 5th
Write it/Do it 3rd
Total: 140

</spoiler> <spoiler text="2009 State Competition">

2009 State Competition
Event Place
Amphibians and Reptiles 2nd
Anatomy 2nd
Bio-Process Lab 1st
Compute This 1st
Crave the Wave 4th
Disease Detectives 1st
Dynamic Planet 2nd
Ecology 4th
Elevated Bridge 5th
Environmental Chem 4th
Experimental Design 4th
Fossils 3rd
Meteorology 4th
Physical Science Lab 2nd
Reach for the Stars 2nd
Road Scholar 4th
Robo-cross 3rd
Science Crime Busters
Scrambler 5th
Write it/Do it
Total: >88

</spoiler> <spoiler text="2014 State Competition">

2014 State Competition
Event Place
Anatomy 6th
Boomilever 8th
Can't Judge a Powder 5th
Crime Busters 7th
Disease Detectives 2nd
Dynamic Planet 7th
Entomology 12th
Experimental Design 7th
Helicopters 9th
Heredity 9th
Meteorology 20th
Metric Mastery 3rd
Road Scholar 13th
Robo-Cross 5th
Rocks and Minerals 3rd
Rotor Egg Drop 23rd
Shock Value 11th
Simple Machines 6th
Solar System 11th
Sounds of Music 10th
Water Quality 15th
Wheeled Vehicle 11th
Write it/Do it 18th
Total: 221

</spoiler> <spoiler text="2015 State Competition">

2015 State Competition
Event Place
Air Trajectory 4th
Anatomy & Physiology 10th
Bio-Process Lab 8th
Bottle Rocket N/A1
Bridge Building 15th
Can't Judge a Powder 11th
Crave the Wave 8th
Crime Busters 8th
Disease Detectives 3rd
Dynamic Planet 5th
Elastic Launched Glider 15th
Entomology 7th
Experimental Design 4th
Fossils 6th
Green Generation 11th
Meteorology 7th
Picture This 3rd
Road Scholar 11th
Robo-Cross 4th
Simple Machines 14th
Solar System 7th
Wheeled Vehicle 10th
Write it/Do it 10th
Total: 181
1: The event Bottle Rocket was not held and therefore did not count towards overall team score.


Team Members

Pleiades - '08,'09
[ [ not marykate ] ] - '09
Eathousemd - '08
Luqavi - '08,'09
NickDiCrusher - '08,'09