Grayslake Invitational

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Grayslake Invitational
General Information
Grayslake Invitational is located in Illinois
Grayslake Invitational
Coordinates: 42°21′00″N 88°02′07″W / 42.350124°N 88.035215°W / 42.350124; -88.035215
LocationGrayslake, Illinois
Year started2012
DateFebruary 10th, 2018

Grayslake Invitational was a Division B invitational hosted by Grayslake Middle School in the state of Illinois.


Division B Results
Season Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2012* Marie Murphy Middle School (62) Daniel Wright Junior High School (67) South Middle School (78) Hamilton Middle School Blue (129) North Shore Country Day School (142) 1/21/12 12
2013 2/2/13
2014 2/8/14
2015 2/7/15
2016 2/6/16
2017 Daniel Wright Junior High School Varsity (86) Science and Arts Academy (144) Daniel Wright Junior High School JV (149) Twin Groves Middle School (214) Grayslake Middle School (239) 2/11/17 48
2018 2/10/18

* Varsity and JV scores were scored separately, so only varsity scores are shown in the results table.

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