Haverford High School

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Haverford High School At a Glance
Member of SO since 1986
Best finish, regionals 1st
Best finish, state 1st, 1987-1993
Best finish, nationals 1st, 1988

Haverford High School is a school that competes in the Southeast region of Pennsylvania. In the early stages of Science Olympiad, they were a perennial national force, even being national champion in 1988. Harriton High School remains the only other high school team from Pennsylvania to be national champion. Since their run of success ended in 1994, however, they have not competed at as high a level. Recently, however, they have returned to the top 10 of states and seek to improve in the future.


Year Regionals States Nationals
2001 5th XX
2002 3rd 10th (358) XX
2003 5th 18th (437) XX
2004 XX
2005 4th 10th (346) XX
2006 5th 10th (339) XX
2007 XX
2008 7th 18th (441) XX
2009 XX XX
2010 10th (277) XX XX
2011 4th (170) 9th (317) XX
2012 7th (241) 9th (340) XX
2013 7th (201) 9th (330) XX
2014 8th (207) 11th (374) XX
2015 8th (200) XX XX
2016 9th (271) XX XX
2017 10th (279) XX XX
2018 10th (321) XX XX