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This page contains information on each of the taxa listed on the Herpetology identification list.

The 2018 list can be found here.



There are 3 families of Crocodylia, with 23 species total. The three species are:

    *Gavialidae (contains on species, the gharial) NOT TESTED
    *Crocodylidae (crocodiles, with 14 species in 3 genera)
    *Alligatoridae (alligators and caimans, 7 species in 4 genera)

Crocodylidae (crocodiles)

     *Class: Reptilia
     *Order: Crocodylia
     *Family: Crocodylidae

Alligatoridae (alligators and caiman)

     *Class: Reptilia
     *Order: Crocodylia
     *Family: Alligatoridae

Testudines (Chelonia)

Chelydridae (snapping turtles)

  *Class: Reptilia
  *Order: Testudines (Chelonia)
  *Family: Chelydridae

Kinosternidae (musk and mud turtles)

  *Class: Reptilia
  *Order: Testudines (Chelonia)
  *Family: Kinosternidae

Emydidae (box, pond, and marsh turtles)

  *Class: Reptilia
  *Order: Testudines (Chelonia)
  *Family: Emydidae
  • Genus: Terrapene, Actinemys, Malaclemys, Graptemys, Trachemys, Chrysemys,Pseudemys, Clemmys, Glyptemys, Deirochelys, and Emydoidae

Terrapene (box turtles)

  *Class: Reptilia
  *Order: Testudines (Chelonia)
  *Family: Emydidae

Actinemys (western pond turtles)

Malaclemys (diamondback terrapins)

Graptemys (map turtles)

Trachemy (sliders)

Chrysemys (painted turtles)

Pseudemys (cooters and redbellies)

Clemmys (spotted turtle)

Glyptemys (Sculptured Turtles-wood and bog turtle)

Deirochelys (chicken turtle)

Emydoidea (Blanding’s turtle)

Testudinidae (tortoises)

  *Class: Reptilia
  *Order: Testudines (Chelonia)
  *Family: Testudinidae

Cheloniidae (sea turtles)

  *Class: Reptilia
  *Order: Testudines (Chelonia)
  *Family: Cheloniidae

Trionychidae (soft shelled turtles)

  *Class: Reptilia
  *Order: Testudines (Chelonia)
  *Family: Trionychidae

Squamata (Sub-order: Lacertila/Sauria- Lizards)

Gekkonidae (gecko lizards)

Polychridae (anoles)

Anolis (anoles)

Iguanidae (iguanids)

Iguana (green iguana)

Dipsosaurus (desert iguana)

Sauromalus (chuckwalla)

Crotaphytidae (Collared lizards)


Sceloporus (spiny lizards)

Cophosaurus and Holbrookia (earless lizards)

Uma (fringe toed lizards)

Urosaurus and Uta (tree and side blotched lizards)

Phrynosoma (horned lizards)

Lacertidae (wall lizards)

Teiidae (whiptails)

Cnemidophorus (racerunners and whiptails)


Eumeces (skinks)


Ophisaurus (glass lizards)

Gerrhonotus (alligator lizard)

Helodermatidae (gila monster)

Squamata (Sub-order: Serpentes/Ophidia- Snakes)


Ramphotyphlops (Brahminy blind snake)

Leptotyphlopidae (blind snakes)


Charina (rubber boa and rosy boa)

Colubridae (typically harmless snakes)

Nerodia (water snakes and salt marsh snakes)

Storeria (brown snakes and redbelly snakes)

Thamnophis (garter, ribbon, lined snakes)

Heterodon (hog-nosed snakes)

Diadophis (ringneck snakes)

Coluber (racers)

Masticophis (coachwhips and whipsnakes)

Opheodrys (green snakes)

Elaphe (rat snakes)

Pituophis (pine, bull and gopher snakes)

Lampropeltis (king and milk snakes)

Tantilla (crowned and blackhead snakes)

Elapidae (coral snakes)

Hydrophiidae (sea snakes)

Viperidae (subfamily viperinae) (pit vipers)

Agkistrodon (copperheads and cottonmouths)

Sistrurus (massasaugas and pigmy rattlesnakes)

Crotalus (rattlesnakes)

Caudata (Urodela- salamanders)

Cryptobranchidae (hellbenders)

Dicamptodontidae (giant salamanders)

Proteidae (mudpuppies and water dogs)

Rhyacotritonidae (torrent or seep salamanders)

Amphiumidae (amphiumas)

Sirenidae (sirens)

Ambystomatidae (mole salamanders)

Salamandridae (newts)

Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders)

Desmognathus (dusky salamanders)

Plethodon (woodland salamanders)


Aneides (green/climbing salamanders)

Batrachoseps (slender salamanders)

Hydromantes (web-toed salamanders)

Hemidactylium (four-toed salamanders)

Gyrinophilus (spring salamander)

Pseudotriton (red and mud salamanders)

Eurycea (brook salamanders)

Typhlomolge (Texas and Blanco blind salamanders)

Anura (Salientia-toads and frogs)

Scaphiopodidae (spadefoots)

  *Class: Amphibia
  *Order: Anura (Salientia)
  *Family: Scaphiopodidae

Genus: Scaphiopus or Spea

Bufonidae (true toads)

  *Class: Amphibia
  *Order: Anura (Salientia)
  *Family: Bufonidae

Hylidae (tree frogs)

  *Class: Amphibia
  *Order: Anura (Salientia)
  *Family: Hylidae

Genus: Hyla, Pseudacris, and Acris

Ranidae (true frogs)

  *Class: Amphibia
  *Order: Anura (Salientia)
  *Family: Ranidae

Microhylidae (narrow-mouth toads)

  *Class: Amphibia
  *Order: Anura (Salientia)
  *Family: Microhylidae

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