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These pages contain information on each of the taxa listed on the Herpetology identification list.

The 2018 list can be found here.

Each group's entry looks something like this:

Alternate names (alternate names)
Physical appearance (physical appearance)
Life cycle (life cycle)
Ecology (including habitat and diet) (ecology)
Behavior (including locomotion) (behavior)
Conservation status and efforts (conservation status/efforts)
Distribution (distribution)
Etymology (etymology)
Miscellaneous information (miscellaneous)
Picture(s) No pictures have been added as of yet.

This list is split into five different pages for organization purposes.

Crocodilians and Turtles

For more information, see Herpetology/Crocodilians and Turtles.


For more information, see Herpetology/Lizards.


For more information, see Herpetology/Snakes.


For more information, see Herpetology/Salamanders.

Frogs and Toads

For more information, see Herpetology/Frogs and Toads.