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These pages contain information on each of the taxa listed on the Herpetology identification list. The most recent list will always be available in the official rules manual. Individual states may also have a Herpetology list that differs from the national list. If applicable, it should be found on the state's website prior to the state tournament.

For more information on the Herpetology Entry template, see Template:Herpetology Entry/doc.

Crocodilians and Turtles

For more information, see Herpetology/Crocodilians and Turtles.


For more information, see Herpetology/Lizards.


For more information, see Herpetology/Snakes.


For more information, see Herpetology/Salamanders.

Frogs and Toads

For more information, see Herpetology/Frogs and Toads.