Highland High School

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Highland High School
Results History
Best regional 2006 (1st)
Best state (4th)
Best nationals never been

Highland High school

Highland High School is located in Northwest Indiana and has participated in Science Olympiad for a number of years. Highland usually attends Regionals at Indiana University Northwest. In the 2021-2022 season, Highland placed 12 times at their regional, taking home 5th place overall allowing for their return to the State Competition.

School Background

Highland High School is a small school, with an even smaller Science Olympiad team. The students at Highland adore the Science Olympiad team, because of their incredible fundraisers and general positive attitudes.

About The Team

The Highland Science Olympiad team is a team that knows how to compete and have some well deserved fun at the same time. The 2021-2022 team is composed of 17 students, living by the philosophy of competing in every single event no matter what.

As a tradition, Highland students go to Buffalo Wild Wings the night before a competition to relax and spend some quality time with one another. Furthermore, each member of the team partakes in a new tradition imposed by the team Captains, which involves eating at least 1 Blazin' hot wing for good luck.


Over the course of the season, Highland often attends several invitationals in preparation for Regionals. The results for This year's competitions are as follows:


Whiting Invitational:

Northridge Invitational:

Regionals: 5th


Highland is led by 3 team Captains this season, each bringing their own skill set to the table to create a perfect team. The Captain role is normally reserved for an upperclassman, with at least 2 Captain spots being filled every year.

Also, Highland has 2 Coaches. These Coaches are an indispensable part of the team, and they are greatly appreciated by each team member for their time and devotion to helping Highland become a competitive team.

Special Recognition

Although Highland High School excels in most of its events, there are 3 events in particular deserving special recognition.

At the Northridge Regional, 2 of our Captains placed in “Bridge” for the first time in over 10 years. Bringing home a 6th place award, their team is extremely proud.

After a wild ride on getting a kit for the event, with more shipping delays than they could possibly count, the plane for “Wright Stuff” was built 48 hours before the regional. Nevertheless, the best friend duo ended up placing 3rd, shocking even themselves.

Lastly, Highland has an extremely promising Write It, Do It pair, having placed both times they competed together. They took home 5th place at the Northridge Invitational, and 1st place at their Regional.