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Highland High School
Member of SO since
Results History
Best regional 2006 (1st)
Best state (4th)
Best nationals never been

Highland High school

Highland High School is located in Northwest Indiana and has participated in Science Olympiad for a number of years. Highland usually attends Regionals at Purdue Calumet. In the 2009-2010 season, Highland is making a triumphant return to the State tournament after a 3 year absence. Highland hopes to make a strong presence at the State tournament and to bring back many medals.

School Background

Highland High school is home to approximately 1,200 students. Highland offers many opportunities for students to further their knowledge beyond what they learn in the classroom. An example of this is the recently developed Fantasy Science League (FSL), which is a competition involving AP Science students to help raise money for Science Olympiad.

About The Team

The Highland Science Olympiad team is a team that knows how to compete and have some well deserved fun at the same time. The 2009-2010 team is composed of 17 students, and this is also the team that is bringing Highland back to the State tournament in 2010.

As a tradition, Highland students go to Buffalo Wild Wings the night before a competition to relax and spend some quality time with one another. Furthermore, each member of the team partakes in a new tradition imposed by the team Captain, which involves eating at least 1 Blazin' hot wing for good luck.


Over the course of the season, Highland often attends several invitationals in preparation for Regionals. The results for This year's competitions are as follows:


Whiting Invitational:

East Chicago Invitational: 5th

Regionals: 4th

Wild Card Tournament: 2nd


Highland is led by a team Captain and a team President. Both offices may be held for as many terms as one is elected for. The Captain position is typically reserved for a Senior, while the President may be either an underclassmen or an upperclassmen.

Also, Highland has 3 Coaches. These Coaches are an indispensable part of the team, and they are greatly appreciated by each team member for their time and devotion to helping Highland become a competitive team.

Special Recognition

Although Highland High School excels in most of its events, there is one event in particular that deserves special recognition for its achievements over the course of the 2009-2010 season. The Brother-Sister duo that competed in Egg O Naut built a rocket, which they refer to as "Big Bertha" (due to the design of the nose cone).

Results for Egg O Naut are as Follows:

Whiting Invitational: 1st

East Chicago Invitational: 1st

Regionals: 1st

Wild Card Tournament: 1st

State: 3rd

Highland has so far been undefeated in Egg O Naut and it has become an event that the entire team enjoys spectating. Although only the builders get the medals, the entire Highland team takes splendor in rejoicing an Egg O Naut victory.