Hudsonville High School

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Hudsonville High School
Hudsonville Eagle.jpeg
Location 5037 32nd Avenue
Hudsonville, MI
State FlagOfMichigan.png Michigan
Hudsonville High School is located in Michigan
Hudsonville High School
Hudsonville High School
Member of SO since 2000s
Results History
Best regional 8th (170), 2020-2021
Best state ?, 2020-2021
Best nationals N/A

Hudsonville High School is a Division C team that competes in Michigan's Region 12 that made their first appearance at the Michigan State Tournament in 2021, despite only getting their first medal two years prior. They can often be seen at the Allendale Invitational and the West Ottawa Invitational. Riley Street Middle School and Baldwin Street Middle School both feed into the school. They are coached by Mr. Ernstes.

Past Results

Years prior to 2020 are unknown due to a change in coaches.

Year Regionals States Nationals
2020 Cancelled due to COVID - -
2021 8th (170) ? (?) -

Event Placements

2021 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 5th -
Astronomy 8th -
Boomilever 6th -
Chemistry Lab 5th -
Circuit Lab 7th -
Codebusters 11th -
Designer Genes 6th -
Detector Building 8th -
Digital Structures 13th -
Disease Detectives 6th -
Dynamic Planet 9th -
Experimental Design 1st -
Forensics 5th -
Fossils 4th -
Geologic Mapping 8th -
Gravity Vehicle 6th -
Helicopters 7th -
Machines 8th -
Ornithology 8th -
Ping Pong Parachute 7th -
Protein Modeling 10th -
Sounds of Music 9th -
Water Quality 2nd -
Write It CAD It 11th -
Worst 4 scores were removed from team totals due to COVID making build events difficult for at-home students


Year WOSO Allendale Invitational
2021 9th (164) 9th (160)