Hyde Park Baptist High School

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Hyde Park Baptist High School At a Glance
Member of SO since 2002
Best finish, regionals 2008, 1st- score 31
Best finish, state 2009, 4th- score 156
Best finish, nationals N/A

Hyde Park's history is strong. Hyde Park Baptist Schools celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2008. Hyde Park Baptist High School, located in Austin Texas, has a growing tradition of Science Olympiad success. HP is a private school with an enrollment of 258 students 9th - 12th grade. This is the first "true" senior team that has competed in S.O. since the middle school years.

School Info

A school of approximately 258 students, Hyde Park Baptist High School has a rigorous program for advanced students, offering Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science. It is also the home of the Austin Christian Leadership Academy. This exciting new program will be an important component of developing Christian leaders for the next generation! It is truly no surprise that team our members are well-rounded and prepared for Science Olympiad competitions. Extracurricular programs thrive at HPBHS! HP Athletics, Academic Competitions, Science Olympiad, and Fine Arts programs at HP have won state titles and regional rankings. Go Panthers!


Results History

Year Venue Rank Points
2004 Nationals - -
States 12th 234
2005 Nationals - -
States 13th 286
Regionals 4th 68
2006 Nationals - -
States 17th 320
Regionals 3rd 57
2007 Nationals - -
States 8th 225
Regionals 1st 37
2008 Nationals - -
States 8th 228
Regionals 1st 31
2009 Nationals - -
States 4th 156