J.C. Booth Middle School

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J.C. Booth Middle School
Member of SO since 1988
Results History
Best regional 1st
Best state 1st, 1992-2000, 2002-2014
Best nationals 1st, 1996-2001, 2003-2004, 2006

J.C. Booth Middle School is a very successful school which competes in the Division B in Georgia. They are the most successful team in the state, and lay claim to nine national titles, making them one of the most competitive schools in the entire nation. The school previously held the Booth Invitational annually through 2014, and also attended Solon Invitational and Wright State Invitational in the past. Despite their perennial attendance at nationals, McIntosh High School (which J.C Booth feeds into) has not been as successful as of late. In 2015 Booth discontinued their team, but reformed it for 2016. They have continued to qualify for state, but have not been as successful.

Results History

Booth has won the Nationals title a record nine times in 1996-2001, 2003-2004, and 2006. Booth qualified for every national tournament from 1990 to 2014. Furthermore, Booth has amassed a record 20 state titles in a nearly continuous streak from 1992-1999 and from 2003-2014.

Prior to 2001, the old scoring system was in use at Nationals; higher scores were more desirable. The system changed multiple times, with the place that received one point for the team score becoming a lower place each time (for example, in 1993 1st place in an event got 10 points for the team, while in 1994 the team would earn 25 points).

Year National Points State Points Regional
1988 3rd
1990 31st 36
1991 16th 55
1992 3rd 101 1st
1993 5th 76 1st
1994 2nd 343 1st
1995 2nd 337 1st
1996 1st 370 1st
1997 1st 385 1st
1998 1st 698 1st
1999 1st 682 1st
2000 1st 712 1st
2001 1st 281 2nd
2002 2nd 328 1st
2003 1st 259 1st
2004 1st 212 1st
2005 6th 383 1st
2006 1st 280 1st
2007 3rd 341 1st 1st
2008 5th 312 1st
2009 5th 370 1st 74
2010 4th 378 1st 77
2011 3rd 282 1st 58
2012 3rd 282 1st 86
2013 12th1 445 1st 76
2014 15th 490 1st 63 1st
2015 Did not compete
2016 - - 19th 262 2nd
2017 - - 22nd 412 2nd
2018 - - 16th 369 3rd (117)
2019 - - 9th 307 3rd
1 A scoring error was discovered after the 2013 National Tournament. As a result, J.C. Booth Middle School was awarded 12th place instead of 15th along with Dodgen Middle School and no school was awarded 15th place.

National Tournament Medals

Years left blank have either indecipherable information or no information.

Year Medals
List of Medals Total 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
2014 Bridge Building (1st), Helicopters (2nd), Rotor Egg Drop (3rd), Boomilever (5th) 4 1 1 1 1
2013 Rocks and Minerals (3rd), Mousetrap Vehicle (3rd), Helicopters (4th), Experimental Design (6th), Mission Possible (6th), Water Quality (6th) 6 2 1 3
2012 Experimental Design (1st), Meteorology (1st), Water Quality (2nd), Write It Do It (2nd), Reach for the Stars (3rd), Keep the Heat (4th), Road Scholar (4th), Anatomy (6th) 8 2 2 1 2 1
2011 Experimental Design (1st), Wright Stuff Capacitor (1st), Battery Buggy (2nd), Bottle Rocket (2nd), Disease Detectives (2nd), Dynamic Planet (2nd), Ecology (3rd), Junkyard Challenge (3rd), Write It Do It (4th), Compute This (6th) 10 2 4 2 1 1
2010 Wright Stuff (1st), Battery Buggy (2nd), Dynamic Planet (2nd), Experimental Design (2nd), Road Scholar (4th) 5 1 3 1
2009 Wright Stuff (1st), Amphibians and Reptiles (2nd), Physical Science Lab (2nd), Robo Cross (2nd), Crave the Wave (3rd), Environmental Chemistry (5th), Experimental Design (5th) 7 1 3 1 2
2008 Road Scholar (1st), Science Word (2nd), Anatomy (3rd), Balloon Launched Glider (4th), Food Science (4th), Tower Building (5th) 6 1 1 1 2 1
2007 Simple Machines (1st), Meteorology (2nd), Rocks and Minerals (2nd), Disease Detectives (3rd), Don't Bug Me (4th), Science Word (4th), Wheeled Vehicle (6th) 7 1 2 1 2 1
2006 Rocks and Minerals (1st), Compute This (2nd), Experimental Design (2nd), Food Science (2nd), Science of Fitness (2nd), Wheeled Vehicle (2nd), Bottle Rocket (3rd), Sounds of Music (3rd), Bridge Building (5th), Meteorology (5th), Water Quality (6th) 11 1 5 2 2 1
2005 Dynamic Planet (2nd), Mission Possible (2nd), [[Forestry] (3rd), Water Quality (3rd), Experimental Design (4th), Sounds of Music (4th), Bridge Building (5th), Fossils (5th), Science of Fitness (5th) 9 2 2 2 3
2004 Dynamic Planet (1st), Forestry (1st), Robo Billiards (1st), Science Crime Busters (1st), Bottle Rocket (2nd), Fossils (2nd), Picture This (2nd), Wright Stuff (2nd), Mission Possible (4th), Road Scholar (4th), Write It Do It (5th) 11 4 4 2 1 0
2003 Balloon Race (1st), Wright Stuff (1st), Experimental Design (2nd), Robo Billiards (2nd), Dynamic Planet (3rd), Feathered Frenzy (3rd), Life Science Process Lab (3rd), Mission Possible (3rd), Picture This (3rd), Metric Estimation (5th), Bridge Building (6th) 11 2 2 5 1 1
2002 Rocks and Minerals (1st), Battery Buggy (2nd), Bottle Rocket (2nd), Mission Possible (2nd), Life Science Process Lab (4th), Mystery Architecture (4th), Reach for the Stars (4th), Dynamic Planet (5th), Metric Estimation (5th) 8 1 3 3 1
2001 Experimental Design (1st), Rocks and Minerals (1st), Reach for the Stars (2nd), Wright Stuff (2nd), Road Scholar (3rd), Science of Fitness (3rd), Bottle Rocket (6th), Get Your Bearing (6th) 8 2 2 2 2
2000 Reach for the Stars (2nd), Wright Stuff (2nd), Experimental Design (3rd), Water Strider (3rd), Metric Mastery (4th), Bottle Rocket (4th), Mission Possible (5th), Nature Quest (5th), Trajectory (5th), Mystery Architecture (6th), Science of Fitness (6th) 11 2 2 2 3 2
1999 Battery Buggy (1st), Propeller Propulsion (1st), Bio-Process Lab (2nd), Physical Science Lab (2nd), Science Crime Busters (2nd), Write It Do It (2nd), Science of Fitness (3rd), Earth, Sea, Sky (4th), Fossils (4th), Nature Quest (4th) 10 2 4 1 3
1998 Experimental Design (1st), Nature Quest (1st), Propeller Propulsion (1st), Road Scholar (1st), Science Crime Busters (2nd), Write It Do It (2nd), Earth, Sea, Sky (3rd), Bio-Process Lab (4th), Bridge Building (6th), Don't Bug Me (6th) 10 4 2 1 1 2
1997 Bio-Process Lab (1st), Mission Possible (1st), Periodic Table (1st), Bottle Rocket (2nd), Nature Quest (2nd), Science Crime Busters (2nd), Write It Do It (2nd), Pentathlon (3rd), Road Scholar (3rd), Experimental Design (6th) 10 3 4 2 1
1996 Periodic Table (2nd), Science of Fitness (2nd), Road Scholar (2nd), Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils (2nd), Water Quality (2nd), Science Crime Busters (3rd), Bio-Process Lab (4th), Simple Machines (4th), What Are You Trying To Tell Me? (4th), Mission Possible (5th), Trajectory Contest (5th), Tree-mendous (6th) 12 5 1 3 2 1
1995 unknown
1994 Nature Quest (1st), Picture This (1st), Amphibians and Reptiles (2nd), Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils (2nd), What Are You Trying To Tell Me? (2nd), Weather Or Not (3rd), Earth Science Processes (4th), Keep the Heat (4th), Simple Machines (4th) 9 2 3 1 3
1993 Metric Estimation (3rd), Name That Organism (4th), Pentathlon (4th), Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils (4th), Write It Do It (4th), Astronomy (6th), Sounds of Music (6th) 7 1 4 2
1992 Bio-Process Lab (2nd), Astronomy (3rd), Bridge Building (3rd), Science Bowl (3rd), Measurement (4th), Picture This (4th), Road Rally (4th), Write It Do It (4th), Anatomy (5th) 9 1 3 4 1
1991 Water Quality (3rd), Anatomy (5th), Aerodynamics Aloft (5th), Pentathlon (5th) 4 1 3
1990 unknown