Junkyard Challenge 2009

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Junkyard Challenge 2009
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This page is about the Junkyard Challenge event run in 2009. To learn about other years or to find out more about the general competition, go to the main Junkyard Challenge page.

The Tasks

  1. Tipping the scale — Teams must build a device that is able to measure the mass of a "challenge object." Teams will not know what the challenge object is until after the impound. It will be no larger then 10.0 cm × 10.0 cm × 10.0 cm for the Regional Tournament, 25.0 cm × 25.0 cm × 25.0 cm for the State Tournament, and 25.0 cm × 25.0 cm × 100.0 cm for the National Tournament. Its mass will be between 100.0 g and 500.0 g for the Regional Tournament, 10.0 g and 1000.0 g for the State Tournament, and 10.0 g and 2000.0 g for the National Tournament. You will also have to use a mystery material in your device. Construction time will be between 30–45 minutes. You have 5 minutes to give the judges the weight of the object.
  2. Coin Sorter — Teams must build a device that is able to sort out five dollars worth of mixed change. The coins must all go into different storage places according to their value. These must be marked and you must be able to get the coins out so they can be scored. You have a minute to sort as many coin as you can using your device. There is a mystery material that must be used. Construction time will be between 30–45 minutes.

Other Info

  • The materials you bring must fit in a box with outside dimensions no greater then 26 cm × 31 cm × 46 cm. The box can be made of any material but the lid must close completely with all materials inside the box.
  • ALL forms of glue are forbidden at the event site. Pre-glued components are permitted.
  • Tools may be brought in a separate container, they do not have to be impounded. Tools can not become part of the device unless they were impounded in the materials box. Electrical or battery operated power tools may NOT be used.
  • All competitors MUST wear safety spectacles with side shields during construction AND demonstration by ANY competitor.
  • Acids, bases, and flammable liquids may not be brought to the competition.

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