Kearney Invitational

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This article is about the invitational tournament in Missouri. For the regional tournament in Nebraska, see Kearney Regional.
Kearney Invitational
General Information
Kearney Invitational is located in Missouri
Kearney Invitational
Coordinates: 39°22′04″N 94°21′44″W / 39.3678°N 94.3622°W / 39.3678; -94.3622
LocationKearney Middle School
DateDecember 7th, 20191

The Kearney Invitational was a Division B invitational hosted by Kearney Middle School in the state of Missouri. It has since become a practice tournament for Kearney Middle School. Other teams likely are not invited to this practice tournament.


Division B Results
Season Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Date Teams
2014 1/25/2014 25
2015 1/24/2015 28
2016 Pembroke Hill Middle School (88) Harmony Middle School (131) California Trail Middle School (147) Leawood Middle School (167) Mill Creek Middle School (175) 1/23/2016 24
2017 1/21/2017 11
2020 12/7/20192
2021 12/19/20202
1 In 2016, Bottle Rocket was dropped from the final score.
2 These years were no longer true invitationals and instead just practice tournaments

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