Kennedy Junior High School

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Kennedy Junior High School
Member of SO since ?
Results History
Best regional 1st (2011 at Plank, some other years at different Regionals, 2013 at COD)
Best state 2nd (2003, 2004, 2008)
Best nationals 22nd (2008)

Kennedy Junior High School (not to be confused with New Mexico's Kennedy Middle School) is a junior high in Naperville, IL. It has a very successful student-dominated team (that is, the coaches and parents are just chaperones/slaves... jk), placing high at States and Regionals, and occasionally making Nationals. Their team is tryout-based, with spots for 15 varsity, 15 JV, and at least two alternates. Eighth graders can only make varsity, which goes to States and, hopefully, Nationals. However, one or two JV members are invited to States as alternates - Cheesy Pie, whom you probably know as that former extreme spammer who is now a less extreme spammer, had this honor in 2012.

Though their team sometimes (actually, usually) screws around during practice, they show their expertise in competition, beating out teams with more than ten times as many coaches as them.

Also, like most division B teams in Illinois, they have a special dislike of Hawthorn South - in 2012, Kennedy's teammates and coaches alike were somewhat wildly excited about South not making Nationals. Though this may seem like poor sportsmanship, it is just team rivalry, and other teams likely behave this way as well.

Kennedy's team almost always goes to States, and the coaches have said that they would be "ashamed" if the team did not make States. Their coaches also strongly encourage hard work and staying on-topic, though they are not the best enforcers of these values because people actually watch Starcraft in practice and are not punished.

From 2007 to 2012, the team has been known as the "Nerd Herd," with their team T-shirts reflecting that - the 2012 shirt had cows with glasses, and said "Nerd Herd." However, the coaches have specifically said "No Nerd Herd" for 2013. This caused some anger among the people who were on the team in 2012.

Results History
Year Regionals States Nationals
2008 2nd 22nd
2015 2nd (95) 6th (294)