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Kenston Middle School (KMS) is a Division B team in Ohio's Case Western Reserve/Northeastern Division. KMS has made it to States the past 7 Science Olympiad seasons. Its Division C counterpart, Kenston High School, hosts the Kenston Invitational. KMS usually attends the Westlake Invitational, the Solon Invitational, the Mentor Invitational, and others.

Past Performance

As of 2018, KMS has advanced to the Ohio state tournament 7 years in a row. Kenston has never advanced to the National tournament.

Year Regionals States Nationals
2017-2018 4
2016-2017 5 9 N/A
2015-2016 6 16 N/A
2014-2015 * 12 N/A
2013-2014 * 10 N/A
2012-2013 * 13 N/A
2011-2012 * 13 N/A
2010-2011 * N/A N/A
2009-2010 * N/A N/A
2008-2009 * N/A N/A
2007-2008 * N/A N/A
2006-2007 * 13 N/A
2005-2006 * 17 N/A
  • = Could not be found, despite scouring the internet. If you have found this data, please add it.

Notable Placings

In 2017, KMS placed 9th as a team at the Ohio state tournament, their best ever at States.

Individual placings at Regionals and States include:

Regionals 2017 (Top 5)

4th Place- Reach for the Stars

4th Place- Experimental Design

4th Place- Fast Facts

4th Place- Road Scholar

3rd Place- Food Science

3rd Place- Microbe Mission

2nd Place- Optics

2nd Place- Anatomy and Physiology

1st Place- Crime Busters

1st Place- Invasive Species

1st Place- Meteorology

States 2017 (Top 6)

6th Place- Food Science

6th Place- Invasive Species

3rd Place- Ecology

2nd Place- Microbe Mission

1st Place- Experimental Design



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