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Liberal Arts and Science Academy
Location 7309 Lazy Creek Dr
Austin, TX
State FlagOfTexas.png Texas
Liberal Arts and Science Academy is located in Texas
Liberal Arts and Science Academy
Liberal Arts and Science Academy
Member of SO since 2004
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2006-2012, 2014-2018
Best state 1st, 2007-2012, 2015-2017
Best nationals 3rd, 2015


LASA, the Liberal Arts and Science Academy of Austin, Texas, has competed in Science Olympiad since 2004. LASA is a 9-time Texas state champion, going on to finish as high as 3rd place at the National tournament. The team website can be accessed here.

Results History

Year National Points State Points Regional Points
2003 - - 5th 185
2004 - - 6th 142
2005 30th 695 2nd 112
2006 31st 676 2nd 120 1st
2007 29th 660 1st 104 1st
2008 19th 543 1st 88 1st
2009 8th 353 1st 38 1st 41
2010 7th 303 1st 85 1st
2011 9th 348 1st 73 1st 20
2012 8th 372 1st 84 1st
2013 - - 3rd 81 2nd
2014 - - 3rd 97 1st
2015 3rd 277 1st 75 1st 50
2016 9th 319 1st 77 1st 21
2017 8th 330 1st 67 1st 45
2018 - - 3rd 100 1st 44
2019 - - 2nd 79
2020 - - N/A N/A 1st 38
  • * at Regionals, most of the time, fewer than 23 events were held

National Medals

Year Overall Placing Medals Top 10
2005 30th Health Science (5th), Don't Bug Me (6th) Disease Detectives (8th), Experimental Design (8th)
2006 31st Quantum Quandries (1st), Compute This (5th), Junkyard Challenge (5th), Ecology (6th) Birds and Bees (7th), Fermi Questions (7th), Circuit Lab (8th)
2007 29th Astronomy (6th) Health Science (7th)
2008 19th Physics Lab (1st), Picture This (2nd), Disease Detectives (6th) Five Star Science (7th), Remote Sensing (8th)
2009 8th Egg-O-Naut (2nd), Disease Detectives (4th), Health Science (4th), Picture This (4th), Cell Biology (5th), Protein Modeling (5th), Forensics (6th) It's About Time (8th), Astronomy (9th), Out and Back (9th)
2010 7th Mission Possible (1st), Chem Lab (2nd), Disease Detectives (2nd), Optics (2nd), Ornithology (2nd), Astronomy (4th), Physics Lab (4th), Picture This (4th), Anatomy and Physiology (5th), Ecology (5th), Helicopter (5th) Cell Biology (8th), Trajectory (9th)
2011 9th Ecology (1st), Protein Modeling (1st), Disease Detectives (2nd), Dynamic Planet (2nd), Mousetrap Vehicle (3rd), Remote Sensing (3rd), Experimental Design (3rd), Materials Science (4th), Optics (5th), Ornithology (6th), Towers (6th) Fossils (7th), Anatomy and Physiology (8th), Wind Power (8th), Robot Arm (8th), Forensics (9th), Microbe Mission (9th)
2012 8th Dynamic Planet (1st), Technical Problem Solving (2nd), Rocks and Minerals (3rd), Fermi Questions (4th), Forensics (4th), Forestry (6th), Elastic Launched Glider (6th) Thermodynamics (7th), Remote Sensing (8th), Microbe Mission (9th), Disease Detectives (10th)
2015 3rd It's About Time (1st), Scrambler (1st), Green Generation (2nd), GeoLogic Mapping (2nd), Protein Modeling (2nd), Dynamic Planet (3rd), Forensics (4th), Cell Biology (4th), Mission Possible (5th), Fossils (6th), Entomology (6th) Compound Machines (7th), Game On (8th)
2016 9th Bridge Building (2nd), Fossils (3rd), Invasive Species (5th) Green Generation (8th), Dynamic Planet (9th), GeoLogic Mapping (9th), Hydrogeology (9th)
2017 8th Experimental Design (1st), Hovercraft (1st), Invasive Species (2nd), Remote Sensing (2nd), Rocks and Minerals (4th), Hydrogeology (5th), Dynamic Planet (6th), Microbe Mission (6th) Materials Science (7th), Helicopters (8th), Anatomy and Physiology (9th)

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